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How to Make Infinix Battery Last Longer (Powerful 5 Discover)

How to Make Infinix Battery Last Longer

This is how to make infinix battery last longer than you expected


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Really, no one like phone that doesn’t have a good battery, a smartphone that can browse but don’t have good battery is nonsense.

Battery drain is common on Android phone models more especially for low level Android smartphone users. But excessive Infinix battery drain can be as a result of few things discussed in this guide.

Low level Android smartphone users simply means those that has limited control over their Android phones. They are neither on root, Xpose nor custom ROMs. Advance Android users can manipulate their battery, CPU and control access using some tools like Greenify, CPU Manager, Root manager under Xpose Frameworks


How to Make Infinix Battery Last Longer

How to Make Infinix Battery Last Longer

1: Adjust the brightness to lower level

A smartphone display uses up to 40% of the battery.Therefore, having a lower brightness setting is the most consistent style to reduce battery channel on your Infinix device.

2: Disable Sync

Many people activate sync so that they can receive notification from services they use like, Email. Sync might be helpful, however, has the drawback of being a perfect battery drainer. Deactivating sync is another good approach to ensure your battery keeps going longer.

3: Identify what is draining the battery

A few applications are known to be serious battery drainers. You can go to the battery details and see applications that suck the majority of your battery juice. You can then background-disable such applications.

4: Turn off Bluetooth and GPS

Bluetooth and GPS chips need battery juice to function. Having the two of them for quite a while will drain out the battery. Try turning them off when they’re not in use.

5: Activate the Battery Saving Mode

Infinix devices in Kenya come inbuilt with Power saving and ultra-power saving modes. Enable any of the two when you require your battery to last more.


1. Infinix battery overheat even when not using it

There are three instances for your battery to overheat even when they are not on use

  1. The battery is dead
  2. The temperature is excessive for the battery to bear or
  3. The I.C is bad

If the battery is either dead, above normal temperature or charging I.C is bad, then your battery is 70% chance to overheat when not in use.

Your battery will also overheat when in use if

  1. You are using a wrong charger just like we mentioned above
  2. You are using the phone while charging, as a result of clogged CPU, your battery becomes hot
  3. You are either using 3G or 4G band while charging

The quickest way to charge one battery faster is through

  • Turning your phone off
  • Turning on Airplane mode
  • Using the right battery
  • Sometimes using a fast charge tools or phone fast charge feature.

You can stabilize your device temperature by taking your phone into a freezer. Make sure that the freezer is turned off. Don’t place your phone direct in a freezer, find a plate and place your phone on it with the screen facing upward.

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That is it to ensure your battery lasts longer, share with your friends.

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