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Glo 5GB for N100 and 10GB for N200 in 2022 | Glo Jollific8

How to get 5GB for N100 and 10GB for N200, Glo 5GB for N100 and 10GB for N200 | Free Data Bonus on Glo Jollific8

NOTE this information you are about to read is all about 
How to get 5GB for ₦100 and 10GB for ₦200

Here’s another ways to enjoy 5GB for N100 and 10GB for N200 to browse the internet. 

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Glo 5GB for N100 and 10GB for N200

Today, I am going to share with you a new way on how to get 5GB for N100 and 10GB for N200 on your Glo SIM with Glo Jollifi8. 



What is the Glo Jollific8?

Jollific8 is a tariff plan for old and new customers on the Glo network which provides the following benefits when the sim is activated:

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  • Every recharge gives eight times the value of recharge amount
  • Every recharge comes with free voice and data bonus
  • Every recharge also comes with free data to gift

How to get Glo 5GB for N100 and 10GB for N200

Here are the instructions on what to do to be entitled to the bonus data, the bonus data bundle, how to activate the Jollific8 package, as well as checking your bundle balance.

How to be eligible for Glo Jollific8 Free Data Bonus

We are happy to let you know that both new and existing Glo subscribers are eligible to receive this free data in Glo Jollific8 Free Data Bonus. You can learn more about additional benefits of the Glo jollific8, read their FAQ here. The eligibility criteria are as follows:

  • You must be an active Glo user
  • Ensure you have been using the Glo network to browse the internet before reading this.
  • You need to recharge your line with either 200 or 100. This largely depends on how much you can afford. Don’t worry; this balance won’t be touched.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight into how to get 5GB for N100 and 10GB for N200.

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Steps to get 5GB for N100 and 10GB for N200 

Glo Jollific8 Free Data

You need to follow the steps below if you really want to receive either the 5GB or 10GB free data on your Glo SIM.

1: First of all, dial *603# to migrate to Glo Jollific8 Tariff Plan.

2: Next, dial #100# to ensure you have successfully migrated to the plan.

3 – After migrating, recharge the line via e-top up (e.g., your banking app, bank USSD code or other online channels) with N100 or N200.

4: You will receive either 5.2GB for N100 recharge or 10.4GB for N200 recharge.

5 – Congratulations, you have migrated to Glo jollific8, and you have received either 5GB or 10GB North offer subscription.

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How to check Data Balance

To check the data balance, dial #122#.

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