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Firevip Registration | In this page, I am you are going to teach you on how to register on and how to make money on (On firevip, someone can make up to #72Million ($120,000) if you mean the business. FIREVIP QUICK Registration Link. And join Us on >>> Telegram


What is

Firevip is a media company that help Facebook to accomplished ads plays. Users rent advertising machines at firevip Automatically watch Facebook ads and earn advertising revenue with the platform. is a platform where you can watch 10 sec ads and make money per day. 

Firevip allows every participant and contributor on the platform to become a beneficiary, and all contributions will be recognized. Everyone creates actual behavioral value by watching ads, thus providing energy and reasonable benefit distribution for the community and supporting the prosperous development of the blockchain ecology. – RECOMMENDED: Firevip Review (Know everything about and check if firevip is legit or scam) Sign Up – How to Create Firevip Account

To sign up on firevip, just follow the step below to create your firevip account successfully. 

Firevip Registration

1. Goto the firevip registration pageClick HERE

You will see a page that looks like this picture below


2. Enter your phone number

3. Set your password and re-entry the password again

4. Type in the “Verification code” you see on your ends. 

5. Click on “Register now“. 

That’s all. – join Us on >>> Telegram Login – how to login to yours firevip account

To login to your firevip account, just follow the step below

  • Goto the firevip login page.
  • Enter your firevip “phone number” and your “password”.
  • Click on “Login

Do you forget your Firevip password? – Click on forgot password and then follow the instructions given to you on the page to create another password. 

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How to make money on Firevip

The step to make money with firevip is very easy and straight forward

1. Make money by Renting an Advertising machines

  • Create network IP in Firevip
  • You have to rent the firevip advertising machine
  • Run the firevip advertising machine and run the ads Automatically
  • Also complete the task of watching ads to get advertising revenue.


The higher the level of the advertising machine, the more ads you can automatically watch and the more advertising revenue you can make!

2. You can also invite your friends to join firevip to watch ads and you will also earn money when they watch too. 

Ways to make money on Firevip

After successful registration, you can get a free advertising machine, and run it for 30 days to get N9,000. Choose a higher-level advertising machine to earn higher earnings

Benefits of Inviting friends to Firevip

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Unlock tasks: Invite your friends to get N8000.
Cash bonus: Get 10% cash plus 10% cash coupons of your friend’s advertising machine rental fee. For example, if your friend rents an E-level advertising machine for N320,000, you can get N32,000 cash and cash coupons of 32,000.
Share of commission: When your friends do the task, you earn up to 13% of the commission.

For example, when you rent an E-level advertising machine with a membership level of LV 6 and your friend rents an E-level advertising machine with an income of 22,005,120 and a commission ratio of 10%, you get a share of N2,200,512.

Release NFC: Friend’s top-up helps you to release 3% of the equivalent amount of NFC. For example, if your friend tops up 10,000, you can release 10,000*3%-300 NFC and withdraw cash in seconds.

How to use the Firevip cash coupon?

Use it yourself: Either you directly use it to offset the cash up to 10% of the rental when renting the advertising machine.

@Gift it to a friend: You can gift it to a friend to rent an advertising machine.

The cash coupon is valid for 7 days and the system will automatically match the most favourable offsetting plan when you rent the advertising machine.

For example, if you get a cash coupon of 32,000 and the rental for a C-level advertising machine is #40,000, then up to 4,000 can be deducted when you use the cash coupon to rent the machine, which means that you can rent it for only #36,000.

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How to Top-Up Your FireVip Wallet

To fund your FireVip Wallet, just follow the simple step below

1. Click on “Top Up”. 

2. Choose your preferable depositing options

3. Enter the amount you want to Top Up your account with

4. Then click on “Confirm”. 

If you top Up using “USDT”, it will not take less than 5 minutes to appear in your Firevip wallet. 

Firevip Withdrawal – How to withdraw on Firevip

To withdraw your money on firevip, just follow the simple step below

1. Click on “Withdraw”

2. Select the option you want to use to withdraw (by Crypto or directly to your bank account). 

3. Enter the amount you want to withdraw.

4. Confirm your withdrawing. 

That’s all.

Firevip Withdrawal Proof

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Tips for Earning 72Million Naira on Average per Month on Firevip

Firevip helps Facebook to accomplish video advertisement plays through the network IPs created by users to get the promotion bonuses from Facebook and users can get 90% of the advertising revenue and the platform gets 10%.

The Quickest Way to Make Money on Firevip

1. Earn up to #876,000,000 by watching ads

Advertising Machine Income Statement

Advertising Machine Level Total Earnings (N/NFC) Advertising Machine Level Total Earnings (#/NFC)
Free #9,000 Super 1 #1,156,320
A-level #219,000 Super 2 #3,763,296
B-level #932,064 Super 3 #13,683,120
C-level #2,470,320 Super 4 #43,992,720
D-level #10,441920 Super 5 #156,453,600
E-level #22,005,120 Super 6 #332,529,600
F-level #69,379,200 Super 7 #876,000,000

         Total Earnings = task Earnings + task Earnings * 200% of NFC

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How to Rent Firevip Advertising Machine

To rent the firevip advertising machine, just follow the steps on the below picture

Invite Friends to Earn Multiple Bonus

If your invite friends rent an advertising machine, you will get 10% cash of your friends rental fee’s ➕ 10% cash coupons. 

Share of Earnings

When your friends watch ads to earn revenue, you will also get commissions up to 13% of friends earnings. 

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How many reward will you get When your friends make money

The reward you will get is has follow on the picture below

For Example

If you rent Super Advertising Machine 7 and your first-level friend also rents Super Advertising Machine 7 to earn #876,000,000 in tasks, you will get 13% share of his or her earnings:

#876,000,000* 13% #113,880,000/person

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How to Invite Friends to Firevip?

To invite your friends to make money on firevip, just follow the step below

  • At the down of your fire account, click on “Invite”.
  • Then send your invitation links to them

If your friend rent an advertising machine, you can get 10% cash reward + 10% coupons. 

For example:
Invite a friend to rent an E-level advertising machine for #320,000 and you will get #32,000 cash plus cash coupons of #32,000
Invite 10 friends to rent E-level advertising machines and you will get #320,000 cash plus cash coupons of #320,000. There is no cap on rewards and the rewards will arrive in your account immediately.

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That’s all

Check through our website for more Updates on “how to make money online”  – CLICK HERE.

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