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Emilio Sakraya Biography – Emilio Sakraya Net Worth, Age, height, Instagram

Emilio Sakraya biography and net worth 

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NOTE: This information you are about to read here is all about Emilio Sakraya.


Who is Emilio Sakraya


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Emilio Sakraya was born on June 29, 1996 (age 24) in Berlin, Germany. He is a celebrity actor.

Emilio Sakraya Wiki 

Full Name: Emilio Sakraya
Age: 24 years
Birthday: June 29, 1996
Gender: Male
Height: 5′ 11
Nationality: German
Ethnicity: White
Profession: Actor
Instagram: @emilio_sakraya_

Emilio Sakraya biography

Emilio Sakraya biography

Emilio Sakraya was born on June 29, 1996 (age 24) in Berlin, Germany. He is a celebrity actor.

Emilio Sakraya is a German film and television star most well known for his role as Tarik Schmüll in the Bibi & Tina films. He also played the recurring character Issam in the 2017 television series 4 Blocks. A singer as well, he released the 2016 single “Down By The Lake.”


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Emilio Sakraya Career

Emilio Sakraya started his career at the age of nine with several appearances in film productions. In his childhood years, he discovered his passion for karate, kung fu and parkour. He won the German Championship in “Full-Contact Karate” twice.

2010 he had his cinema debut in the film “Zeiten ändern dich”, produced by Bernd Eichinger. This was followed by numerous film and television productions like “V8- Du willst der Beste sein”, “Mitten in Deutschland: NSU – Die Opfer” and “Die 7. Stunde”.

Since 2014 he plays “Tarik Schmüll” in the very successful German cinema series “Bibi and Tina”. At the end of 2016 he played the role of the Indian “Neke Bah” in the RTL short series “Winnetou”. In the same year, he was filming the international series “4 Blocks” with Frederick Lau and Kida Ramadan for TNT-Series and the film “Rock my Heart”.

At the beginning of 2017 he played the leading role in the TV episode “Tatort – Söhne und Väter”. Since the 23rd of February the fourth part of “Bibi und Tina” has been showing in cinemas. In March 2017 the actor was shooting the German horror film “Heilstätten”, which will air at German cinemas in October 2017.

Emilio Sakraya height


Emilio Sakraya height
Emilio Sakraya height

Emilio Sakraya is a well looking and his height is 1.82 m

Emilio Sakraya Age

Emilio Sakraya was born June 29, 1996. 

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Emilio Sakraya’s Houses & Cars & Luxury Brands

Emilio Sakraya’s has not reveal his house, car and luxury brand to anyone. 

Facts About Emilio Sakraya

● Emilio Sakraya was born on June 29, 1996 (age 24) in Berlin, Germany
● He is a celebrity actor
● His the best movies are Kalte Füße (2018), Rock My Heart (2017), Bibi & Tina: Girls Versus B… (2016), Time You Change (2010) and Winnetou
● Emilio Sakraya’s height is 6′ 0″


Emilio Sakraya Instagram handle


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Emilio Sakraya Net Worth

Emilio Sakraya Net Worth
Net Worth of Emilio Sakraya

How much is Emilio Sakraya Worth? 

As of 2021, Emilio Sakraya’s net worth was estimated to be around $1 million

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