Dr Dolor Biography, Net Worth: Osadolor Nate Asemota

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Osadolor Nate Asemota Popularly known as Dr Dolor was born in year 1980 into the family of Chief Asemota – Ero.

Osadolor Nate Asemota Bio (wiki)

full Name:Osadolor Nate Asemota
Age:40 year old (as at 2020)
Birth year:1980
Place of residence:Lagos, Nigeria
Marital Status:Married
Career:Music producer, Entrepreneur
Net Worth:$100,000+


Dr Dolor Biography, Net Worth: Osadolor Nate Asemota

Dr Dolor Biography

Osadolor Nate Asemota Popularly known as Dr Dolor was born into the Family of Chief Asemota – Ero. He attended Ediaken primary school, Edokpolor grammar school and the University Of Benin for his tertiary education where he bagged a second class upper in mathematics and economics (Double Honors) Osadolor Nate Asemota worked in Etisalat Nigeria and Globacom Limited subsequently for Nine years, where he rose to the position of Manager.

Dr Dolor Career

He is the founder and CEO of Global Prime Advantage Solutions a frontline information technology company with key interest in telecommunications. Osadolor Nate Asemota is also the founder and CEO of Dr Dolor Entertainment (DDE) a record label and music distribution company.

Dr Dolor Music Career

Osadolor Nate Asemota has always shown keen interest in music from his young age singing in the church choir. His love for music has seen him set up an international music company that is set to take over the music scene in Nigeria and World at large . Dr Dolor is a debonair gentlemen, an astute businessman entrepreneur and investor. He has proven this with his successes both in the I.T and music industry. Running a multi million naira IT company and a record label that boast of international artist both in Nigeria and America.

Dr Dolor Biography Facts | Osadolor Nate Asemota Bio 

Teni's producer

Dr Dolor is a boss to teni entertainment. His record label which spreads from Nigeria to the US has signed in popular artists such as Teni Apata and Hotkid. 

Dr Dolor real name

Dr Dolor birth name is Osadolor Nate Asemota

Dr Dolor Parents

Dr Dolor was born into the house of Chief Asemota – Ero 

Dr Dolor Age 

How old is Dr Dolor – Osadolor Nate Asemota was born in year 1980. 

Dr Dolor height 

His height is 5″11m

Dr Dolor wife 

Osadolor Nate Asemota is happily married and blessed with three lovely children.

Net Worth of Dr Dolor

Dr Dolor Net Worth 

How much is Osadolor Nate Asemota Worth – According to Aschoolz Net Worth researcher Calculator, we found out that Dr Dolor “Osadolor Nate Asemotanet worth is reportedly worth more than $100,000. He is one of the best music producers in Nigeria and he runs two thriving businesses, Global Prime Advantage Solutions (GPAS), an IT company, and Dr Dolor Entertainment, a record label.

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Biography of Dr Dolor

Osadolor Nate Asemota Bio

Dr Dolor Bio

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