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How to Get Dollar Virtual Card to Use on Paybis Arbitrage ($2)

Dollar Virtual Card to Use on Paybis Arbitrage, Bank card to use on paybis for Crypto Arbitrage, Dollar Virtual Card to Use for Paybis Arbitrage, Card to use on paybis, how to get a virtual dollar card in Nigeria or anywhere in the World 


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Bank Card to Use on Paybis for Your Crypto ArbitrageIn this page today, I am going to show you the types of bank card you can use to buy crypto on paybis for your Crypto Arbitrage, bank types, bank card to use on Paybis in Nigeria or in anywhere in the World.

How to Get Dollar Virtual Card to Use on Paybis Arbitrage


Dollar Virtual Card to Use on Paybis Arbitrage

In my previous post, I published about how to make money by doing dollar arbitrage and also how to start crypto arbitrage on paybis and start making a huge profit daily. But one of the barriers some people are facing is there is restriction of crypto to banks in some country like Nigeria and some other countries like India e.t.c which make it hard for people to make buy crypto from paybis.

But don’t worry, because I have found a solution to your problem. actually, this post is for those people in a country where there’s restriction of buying crypto with bank debit/credit card. Example of these countries are Nigeria, India, etc (if your country is among, then this post is for you), even though your country is not among the crypto’s restrictions countries, you can still continue reading to get more knowledge on an alternative way to buy crypto’s without using your local bank card to buy it.

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Bank Card Accepted On Paybis to Buy Crypto in Nigeria

This days, as technology keeps improving, things are now moving from the tangible to intangible. Also banks are also now moving upgrading their banking system into mobile banking system  (intangible banking). And you can now own a virtual card to pay things online now.

In this page, I am going to tangible card and the virtual card you can use to buy crypto’s on Paybis Exchange or in any crypto exchange platforms.

What is Virtual Card?

Virtual card are that types of card that cannot be touched with hand, example are Opay, ALAT by Wema Bank e.t.c. Virtual bank card is issued by some mobile banking platforms but not all the mobile banking platforms are offering people dollar virtual card and it is not all that can be used online.

What is Physical Bank Card?

Physical bank card or tangible card are those debit/credit card issued to you by your local bank in your communities. Example, a debit card first bank, UBA, Zenith bank, Access bank, GTBank, EcoBank e.t.c. to withdraw money on the Automated teller machine ATM, POS (Point of Sale) or to shop Online.

Virtual Card Approved on Paybis in Nigeria


Virtual Card Approved on Paybis in Nigeria

  1. Pyypl Virtual Card – How to Get Pyypl Dollar Virtual Card
  2. Plumter USD Card – How to Get Plumter USD Virtual Card
  3. Barter by Flutterwave – How to Get Dollar Virtual Card on Barter by Flutterwave

Tangible Bank Debit Card Approved on Paybis

Currently, below are the list of bank card accepted to buy crypto’s on paybis in Nigeria and their guarantee of successful payment is 40%

  • FCMB Bank Debit/Credit Card (Card with this first digit number 524282) are 32% success
  • Zenith Bank Card
  • Access Bank Card

NOTE: Sometimes, when using these cards, your payment might fail on the paybis end nut your bank still pre-authorizes your payment. If that happens, they might ask you to provide a decline receipt for your failed payment in order to release your funds back to your card’s balance.

You may provide the automated system email “order invoice ID – there has been problem” or “payment failed” that can be found in your registered email inbox to your bank. Once you provide that to them, they will cancel your pre-authorization hold.

  • Do not use same card on different account  or else it will be blocked and your account might be suspended by paybis as well.

Please make sure you have enough funds to make the payment as well if your limit has not been used up yet.

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When Paying with Skrill/Neteller, please note the following 

It is only allowed to use a personal skrill or neteller account. If the account name and surname, and DOB (Date of Birth) do not match the paybis account, the transaction will be rejected and the payment refunded.

  • In the case of refunds, the income and outgoing transaction fees will not be refunded. So be careful with that. 

I prefer buying crypto on the Paybis with Barter my Dollar Virtual Card instead.


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