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List of all Ccourses in Nigeria Universities

courses in nigerian universities – courses offered in nigerian universities


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courses in nigerian universities - courses offered in nigerian universities


courses in nigerian universities – courses offered in nigerian universities

This is a list of courses offered in Nigeria universities. Nigeria is organised into 36 states and a federal capital territory (FCT) in Abuja. As a result of the oil boom years of the 1970s, tertiary level of education was expanded to reach every sub-region of Nigeria. The federal government and the state governments were previously the only bodies licensed to operate ScholarsJoint universities. Recently, licenses have been granted to individuals, corporate bodies and religious bodies to establish private universities in the country.


Agricultural economicsView Profile
Agricultural Economics/ExtensionView Profile
Agricultural EducationView Profile
Agricultural EngineeringView Profile
Agricultural ExtensionView Profile
Agricultural ScienceView Profile
AgronomyView Profile
Animal ProductionView Profile
Animal ScienceView Profile
Crop ProductionView Profile
Crop ScienceView Profile
Family, Nutrition And Consumer SciencesView Profile
FisheriesView Profile
Food Science and TechnologyView Profile
ForestryView Profile
Plant ScienceView Profile
Soil ScienceView Profile
Water Resources Management And AgrometerorologyView Profile
Automobile EngineeringView Profile
Biomedical EngineeringView Profile
Chemical EngineeringView Profile
Civil EngineeringView Profile
Computer EngineeringView Profile
Electrical EngineeringView Profile
Engineering PhysicsView Profile
Food Science and EngineeringView Profile
Industrial and Production EngineeringView Profile
Information Communication EngineeringView Profile
Mechanical EngineeringView Profile
Mechatronics EngineeringView Profile
Metallurgical EngineeringView Profile
Water Resources and Environmental EngineeringView Profile
Software EngineeringView Profile
System EngineeringView Profile
Petroleum EngineeringView Profile
Medicine & Pharmarcy
AnatomyView Profile
BiochemistryView Profile
Human Nutrition and DieteticsView Profile
Medical Laboratory Technology/ScienceView Profile
Medicine & SurgeryView Profile
NursingView Profile
PharmacyView Profile
PhysiologyView Profile
Public Health TechnologyView Profile
Veterinary medicineView Profile
Arts, Management & Social Science
AccountingView Profile
ArabicView Profile
Banking and FinanceView Profile
Business AdministrationView Profile
Communication Arts.View Profile
Crimnology and Security StudiesView Profile
curriculum studiesView Profile
Demography and Social StatisticsView Profile
EconomicsView Profile
English LanguageView Profile
EntrepreneurshipView Profile
Fine ArtsView Profile
FrenchView Profile
HausaView Profile
HistoryView Profile
Home EconomicsView Profile
Hospitality and Tourism ManagementView Profile
Human Resource ManagementView Profile
IgboView Profile
InsuranceView Profile
International RelationsView Profile
Islamic StudiesView Profile
LinguisticsView Profile
MarketingView Profile
Mass CommunicationView Profile
Media and Communication StudiesView Profile
MusicView Profile
Peace and Conflict ResolutionView Profile
Performing ArtsView Profile
PhilosophyView Profile
Political ScienceView Profile
project managementView Profile
PsychologyView Profile
Public AdministrationView Profile
Religious StudiesView Profile
Social WorksView Profile
SociologyView Profile
TaxationView Profile
Tourisim StudiesView Profile
TheologyView Profile
YorubaView Profile
Science & Technology
ArchitectureView Profile
BiochemistryView Profile
Bio-InfomaticsView Profile
BiologyView Profile
BotanyView Profile
Building TechnologyView Profile
Computer Science.View Profile
Cyber security ScienceView Profile
Estate ManagementView Profile
ChemistryView Profile
GeographyView Profile
GeophysicsView Profile
GeologyView Profile
Human Nutrition and Dietetics.View Profile
Information Resource ManagementView Profile
Information Systems.View Profile
Information TechnologyView Profile
Library and Information ScienceView Profile
Management Information SystemView Profile
MathematicsView Profile
MicroBiologyView Profile
PhysicsView Profile
Plant ScienceView Profile
statisticsView Profile
Urban and Regional PlanningView Profile
Veterinary medicineView Profile
ZoologyView Profile
Adult EducationView Profile
Agricultural EducationView Profile
Business EducationView Profile
Counsellor EducationView Profile
Early Childhood EducationView Profile
Education AdministrationView Profile
Education & AccountingView Profile
Education & ArabicView Profile
Education & BiologyView Profile
Education & Business AdministrationView Profile
Education & ChemistryView Profile
Education & Computer ScienceView Profile
Education & Christian Religious StudiesView Profile
Education & EconomicsView Profile
Education & Fine ArtView Profile
Education & English LanguageView Profile
Education & FrenchView Profile
Education & GeographyView Profile
Education & Geography/physicsView Profile
Education & HistoryView Profile
Education & Integrated ScienceView Profile
Education & Introductory TechnologyView Profile
Education & Islamic StudiesView Profile
Education & mathematicsView Profile
Education & MusicView Profile
Education & PhysicsView Profile
Education & Political ScienceView Profile
Education & Religious StudiesView Profile
Education & Social StudiesView Profile
Education ArtsView Profile
Education FoundationView Profile
Environmental EducationView Profile
Guidance and CounsellingView Profile
Health EducationView Profile
Vocational EducationView Profile
Special educationView Profile
LawView Profile
Civil LawView Profile
Sharia/Islamic LawView Profile
Private lawView Profile
Public law,View Profile
Commercial Law.View Profile
International Law & JurisprudenceView Profile

courses in nigerian universities – courses offered in nigerian universities

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