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How to cancel order on Jumia 2021/2022 Tips


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How to cancel order on Jumia


How to cancel order on Jumia

Many people have been looking for a way to cancel order on jumia, Sometimes though, a person can place an order and later realize he or she does not want to receive this product anymore. In this case, Jumia has now,share with Us on, how to cancel our order, if we don’t need them anymore.


When you visit the Jumia website, you realize that your choices on this site are basically
unlimited– you can buy anything and even more there., clothes, groceries,
furniture, Electronics, fashions stuff, games, baby stuff– Jumia’s range of goods is large, and the quality of their sales isalso high.

In addition, they have a lot of various deals on their website, such as discount offers,
and there is a useful section of recommended goods, which shows a customer all the best
deals along with the products of high demand.

When you buy things online on Jumia, Jumia we ship the goods to your location, in sometimes free in sometimes with a little fee that will not hard for you to pay.

Jumia delivers only original and genuine products to their customers, as their terms and
conditions emphasized.

Jumia also track their sales every day to make sure the production listed on their website meets all the standards. Purchasing commodities on Jumia are easy – you only have to register click here to know how to register with jumia, add all the necessary items to your shopping cart, enter your shipping information, and then confirm your order.

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Jumia approve three ways method of payment which are:
Pay on Delivery
Jumia Pay
Debit card


Let say you ordered for (Plasma TV or HP Laptop).And later, if you changed your mind not to buy the item anymore, there is no problem – you can always cancel your order anytime you like, according to Jumia website policy.

Cancelling your order can be done by contacting the customer service on the official Jumia site.

In some times, the ordered item may have already been shipped and is on its way to the customer’s location.


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In this case, the Jumia.com customer care section will do everything necessary in order to stop the delivery of the items.

Obviously, it is quite difficult for them to track every single item out of those twenty thousand packages they have to process and ship every day by days, but there is an alternate way out if you do not want your item anymore.

You can reject it when it is delivered to your place, and ignore the messages that inform you of the delivery and pick-up of the package.

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In case you have already received your package and would like to return it back to the Jumia
warehouse, the website has its own policy for that too.

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You have to complete a few steps to
return your product back to the internet store:
Log the request – there are actually two options for this step you can choose from.
By going into your personal account on Jumia and creating the return request
By calling jumia customer care service on (0-700-6000-000) or contact them on Jumia.com website to create the request.

Pack the product – you have to package the product according to the special return conditions
you can find on the website. Along with the product, you also have to pack all the accessories
that came with it, tags, and free gifts if you have received any from jumia.

Return the product – in case you want to arrange a pickup, the customer service will contact
you and arrange the best possible time. If you chose to drop it off at a specified drop off
station, follow all the drop off instructions – it is free of charge.
Click here to see all jumia pickup stations in Nigeria.

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Couple buying grocery
Cancelling an order on Jumia is easier than you think, and if you are still having difficulties with
All this steps you see here, you free to contact our Customer care on (0-700-6000-000) for assistance.

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