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(Archievers University Owo) AUO Academic Calendar for 2018/2019 is Out right Now

This is the AUO Academic Calendar for regular Students

(Archievers University Owo) AUO Academic Calendar for 2018-2019 Academy Session.


AUO Academic Calendar


Below is the academic calendar for AUO 2018/2019 academy session;

Auo Academic Calendar

1Sun. 21 Oct. 2018Fresh Students come into residence
2Mon. 22 Oct. –Sat. 27 Oct. 2018 (1 wk)Documentation, Registration and Orientation of fresh students
3Thu. 25 Oct. 2018Senate meeting to kick-start academic session
4Sun. 28 Oct. 2018Returning students come into residence
5Mon. 29 Oct. – Fri. 9 Nov. 2018 (2 wks)Registration of students
6Mon. 29 Oct. – Fri. 14 Dec. 2018 (7 wks)First semester academic activities.
7Thu. 29 Nov. 2018Statutory Senate Meeting
8Fri. 7 Dec. 2018 (1 wk)Special Senate meeting
9Mon 10 Dec. – Fri. 14 Dec. 2018First Mid-Semester Test
10Fri 14 Dec. 2018Christmas Carol
11Sat. 15 Dec. 2018-Sat. 5 Jan. 2019 (3 wks)Christmas Break


Sun. 6 Jan. 2019


Students return to residence

13Mon. 7 Jan. – Fri. 1 Mar. 2019 (8 wks)First semester academic activities
14Mon. 7 Jan., 2018Starting the year with Christ
15Tue. 8 – Sat 12 Jan., 2019Second Mid-Semester Test
16Thr. 24 Feb., 2019Statutory Senate Meeting
17Fri. 1 Feb., 2019Matriculation of Fresh Students
18Mon. 18 – Sat 23 Feb., 2019Third Mid-Semester Tests
19Thur. 21 Feb., 2019Statutory Senate Meeting
20Sat. 2 – Sat 9 Mar., 2019First Semester Examinations
21Mon. 11 – Sat 23 Mar., 2019.Mid-Session break/conference Marking
22Sun. 24 Mar., 2019.Student return to residence
23Mon. 25 Mar. – Fri 12 Jul., 2019.Second semester academic session
24Thur. 28 Mar., 2019 (1 wk)Statutory Senate Meeting
25Sun 31 Mar., -Sun 6 Apr., 2019Convocation Activities
26Thur. 25 Apr., 2019Statutory Senate Meeting
27Mon. 27 May. – Sat 1 Jun., 2019Mid-Semester Tests
28Thur. 30 May., 2019Statutory Senate Meeting
29Thur. 27 Jun., 2019Statutory Senate Meeting
30Mon. 15 Jul. – Sat 27 Jul., 20192nd Semester Examinations/Conference Marking Extended to Sat 3rd Aug. for marking/collation
31Thu. 25 Jul., 2019Statutory Senate Meeting
32Mon. 29 Jul. – Sat. 10th Aug.,2019 (1wk)Collation of marks/Bd. of Examiners Meeting
33Thur. 1 Aug., 2019Special Senate to consider Graduating Students Results
34Thur. 8th Aug., 2019Special Senate to consider Results of Returning Students
35Mon. 26 – Fri 30 Aug., 2019MLS 1st and 2nd Professional Examinations
36Tue. 3 Sept., 2019Extra-ordinary Senate Meeting to end the Session with MLS Professional Exam Result
37Mon. 02 Sept., 2019Inter-session Break begins

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