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9 Differences Between Auchi Poly Spats and Regular Students right Now

By the time you read this finish, you will know the full differences in between Auchi Poly Spat and Regular Students.

9 Differences in Between Auchi Poly Spats and Regular Students


Auchi Polytechnic is one of the best Polytechnic in West Africa, Auchi polytechnic run for ND, HND and Degree in the school. Auchi Polytechnic give admission to student that have their good result in JAMB and for student who buy the school form to school has SPAT student.
I have been receiving some messages in my E-mail, People asking me question that:

QUESTION: What is the different between Auchi Poly Morning Student and the Spat or Evening Student?

QUESTION: Which one should I apply for?

Differences between Auchi Polytechnic Morning Student And Spats Students

The different between auchi poly spats and regular students are:

  • Auchi poly morning students gain their admission into the school through JAMB result WHILE Spat student gain their admission into the school through the Auchi poly spats form i.e by buying the school direct entry form.
  • Auchi poly morning students receive their lecture in the morning WHILE Spats student receive their lecture in the evening, sometime. But Note: They do also receive their lecture in the morning too in sometimes.
  • Morning student school fees are cheaper than the Spat school fees.
  • According to Population, Spat student are more than Morning student.
  • Morning Student are the first to start the semester examination.
  • Morning Student spends two (2) yearsin the school, While Spat Student Spends three (3) years.
  • Morning Student are given Admission by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) when they apply through Auchi Poly Utme WHILE the Spat Student are choose by the school. Note: The selling of the school form are Approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria.
  • Admission are more given to those who buy the school form than those that used JAMB.
  • Morning student are spending four month for their I.T WHILE Auchi Spats student spend One year.


Which One should I Apply For in Spat and Morning?

Which one should I apply for in being Morning student or Spat Student?

According to the differences you read above, I believe you should know your choice.

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