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How to Check Auchi Poly Morning Students Result 1&2

This is how and where to check Auchi poly regular students semester result online

This is how to check Auchi Polytechnic regular students Semester result Online at home

Auchi Poly Morning Students result for ND & HND 1 to 2 is out.

This is to inform all Auchi polytechnic morning/regular students, that the school semester result for this year is out.

You can now check your Auchi poly semester result online now, either with your phone or with your computer. To check your Auchi poly regular students result online, there are some certain steps you need to take, which I am going to highlight you on in here.

How to check Auchi poly semester result online

Auchi poly morning students -Result -Auchi poly Result – Auchi Polytechnic morning Result – Auchi poly regular students result

CLICK HERE>> to check Auchi poly Spat result online


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To check your Auchi poly semester result online for regular (morning Students) successfully, please follow this simple steps below;

  1. First Goto, or Click on

You will see an image that look exactly like this one below here

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Auchi Poly Semester Result
Auchi poly online result

2. Fill in your Matric number and your password then Click Login.

NOTEYour Mat No is the same as your password.

After you have enter your matriculation number and your password and clicking the login, you will now see a page that looks exactly like this image below.

Auchi poly morning students result


Check very well on the image up here☝️☝️☝️, if it is your Matric Number you are seeing.

3. Confirm your Matric Number

4. Click on the drop-down box to Select your session

5. Select your Class

6. Select your Courses

7. Select the result of the Semester you want to check and Click on Check Result.

Then, you will be taking to your semester results, exactly like this image below,

Auchi poly semester result of regular/morning students - Auchi poly morning students Result - Auchi poly Result - Auchi Polytechnic morning Result

NOTE THAT, if you were not able to check your result, it might be because you have not paid your school fees or your result has not been update online.

So just keep calm and bookmark this page on your browser and check back here later for Update of your result.

Auchi poly result

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