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AWPOLY: Alpha Wisdom Polytechnic School fee (2019/2020)

Alpha Wisdom Polytechnic School fee is one of the most searching term across Google by candidate and people who want to know about the school search this on Google.

Here at Aschoolz, we have come and try our best to help you get the information you wish to know about Awpoly School fee.

Alpha Wisdom Polytechnic School fee

Alpha Wisdom Polytechnic (AWPOLY) Accommodation fee #50,000.

Awpoly 1st Semester School fee N68,500.

Awpoly 2nd semester School fee N49,500.

Total of tuition fee = N118,000.

Awpoly School fees

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How Much is Alpha Wisdom Polytechnic (Awpoly) School fee?


We have got you covered for Awpoly School fee.

This is all what Alpha Wisdom Polytechnic management says about their school fees and how to pay.

You can now make your payment online with Alpha Wisdom Polytechnic secure payment gateway.

1. To do that, Click on fee from the menu link.

2. Select the type of payment you want to make and you will be redirected to the secure payment gateway.

3. Fill in the necessary information and click on pay now.

4. Supply your card detail or click on pay via bank.

How to Pay with Online ATM card Option

1. Enter your ATM card number, Expiration Month and Year.

2. Enter your CVV code (last three digit at the back of your ATM card and submit.

3. An OTP code (one time password) will be sent to your mobile number.

4. Finally enter the OTP as a verification that you are actually carrying out the transaction.

Please note that, Awpoly have decided to opt for an online payment (without extra charges) for your convenience. There are currently four (4) payment module on Alpha Wisdom Polytechnic (AWPOLY) payment portal.

Click on any of the options below to make your payment.

1. Compulsory Accomodation fee ===> Fifty thousand naira only (N50,000).

2. Tuition fee (1st installment) ===> Sixty-Eight thousand, Five hundred naira only.(N68,500).

3. Tuition fee (2nd installment) ===> Fourty-Nine thousand, five hundred naira only. (N49,500).

4. Tuition fee (Full payment) ===> One hundred & eighteen thousand naira only. (N118,000).


How to Pay School fee into Alpha Wisdom Polytechnic (AWPOLY) Account?

You can now pay directly into the school account.



ACCOUNT NO. 0057367960

Other info of Alpha Wisdom Poly

Alpha Wisdom Polytechnic Admission Form

Check All Alpha Wisdom Poly (Awpoly) Information here

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