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Adsing Review | In this page, you are going to know if platform is legit or another form of scam platform. 


What is

Adsing is the advertising platform of ADS INDEPENDENT LIVING SOLUTIONS LIMITED, an online work solution provider. The company was incorporated in 2015. Currently the company employs over 200 people. Their employees are mainly based in the UK, USA and Nigeria, India. There goal is to reach people who are unemployed and have no income during the epidemic.

To provide them with new job opportunities and to generate more income for them. To enable them to provide for their parents and raise their wives and children. If you are still on the fence, but still don’t have any income. Then please join Adsing. Profile

Status: Active
Date Of Incorporation: 20/01/2015
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC): 81100 Combined facilities Support Activities
Accounting Reference Date: 31/03
Last Accounting Made Up To Date: 31/03/2021 (MICRO)
Next Accounts Due: 31/12/2022
Last Confirmation Statement Date: 20/01/2022
Next Confirmation Statement Date:


Adsing Review – Is Legit or Scam?

Adsing is a new online part-time earning platform that easily earns up to $100 a day. Earn $1 – $22 for completing ad missions daily.(you don’t need to upgrade again just promote and earn daily for life).

From my finding and experience using this platform, I have not found any fraudulent activities on the platform. What they are aiming for is that they looking forward to change their user’s life.

Adsing online marketing is a performance-driven channel that enables a rich ecosystem of partners to reach, influence and convert global web participants at every part of their online and offline purchase process.

Adsing is where partners and technology converge to create a valuable shopping experience that enhances brand perception.

This leads to scalable and profitable growth. As at now, I can tell you that is legit because I have not found any suspicious activities on the platform, don’t know what will happen for next few months to come but for now, Adsing is paying and we have not found any scam record on the platform. 

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How Does Work?

1. Open Adsing account

2. One minute to complete the registration

3. Receive advertising click from member

4. Copy the ad link, copy the ad text and download the ad image. Post all the three material together to your Facebook home page.

5. Complete the click target. Get commission, get paid immediately.

6. Invite friends to earn more. Earn $5000 per day (Optional). have five (5) levels at which user’s can upgrade to and earn more money on the platform. The levels are below Levels

  • Bronze level: The bronze level is free and anyone can use this level to earn up to $0.34 daily (but it limit for only 9days), after the nine days, you won’t be able to earn from the bronze level again (If you want to continue earning money on Adsing then, you will have to upgrade your level to the silver level by paying a one time payment to upgrade to the silver level.

  • Silver level: Silver upgrade 19$ ≈ #11191

    Earn $1 daily for life (#589)

    Minimum withdrawal from 6$ ≈ #3,534

  • Gold level: Gold upgrade 199$ ≈ #117,211

    Earn $5 daily for life ( #2,945)

    Minimum withdrawal from 25$ ≈ #14,725

  • Platinum level: Platinum upgrade 399$ ≈ #235,001

    Earn $10 daily for life (#5,890)

    Minimum withdrawal from 60$ ≈ #35,340

  • Diamond level: Diamond upgrade 999$ ≈ #588,411

    Earn $22 daily for life (#12,958)

    Minimum withdrawal from 100$ ≈ #58,900 Account Registration

To register account, just follow the steps below

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1. Goto the Adsing Registration page or CLICK HERE

2. Enter your email address

3. Enter your “first name and last name”. 

4. Enter your “password“. 

5. Confirm your “password“. 

6. Click on “Register“. 

That’s all.

How to start making money on

There are a lot of ways to earn money from Adsing platform. If you do it very well, you can earn up to $20,000 Monthly. To know the various ways to make money on Adsing, click here Publisher Partners

Publisher partners engage shoppers through a variety of distribution models, including websites, social media, blogs, search, email, mobile apps, offline marketing and more. Marketing is achieved through effective clicks and effective viewing by users. Advertiser Partners

Advertisers are brands that sell products, experiences and services and reward publishers to drive desired outcomes such as sales, leads, new customer acquisition, influence in the path to purchase, high-value shoppers or anything else you can dream up.

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Here are some frequently asked questions on the site. 

How does your work?

Adsing allows publishers to monetize their private domain traffic through push notification ads. Once a visitor subscribes to receive notifications from your FACEBOOK ad link, he/she can create a revenue stream for you by viewing and clicking on the push notification ads.

Do Adsing have a referral program?

We would appreciate it when you recommend us to your friends and anyone else. As a way of thanking you, we will credit you with a portion of the commission you send to our publishers for future revenue. Statistical information and referral links are provided in your account. Please note that the referral program does not apply to advertisers. To learn about specific advertising revenue programs please see the relevant pages.

What traffic does Adsing ad network provide?

In the Adsing ad network you can launch campaigns using push and sign-up, download, and publish forms. You can also get direct click ads (also known as domain retargeting). Domain retargeting is Adsing’s primary business model. Domain retargeting traffic or direct click is a new ad format used for online advertising. The result is more profitable than other advertising displays. Adsing’s domain retargeted traffic campaigns convert at 10 times the rate of popular ads. Currently Adsing’s domain retargeting traffic only supports clicks from Facebook.

What types of traffic do accept?

We currently only accept traffic from FACEBOOK. So when you need to complete your ad click task, you need to post your ad text, ad image and ad link to your personal facebook personal account and make it visible to everyone.

Should I have a minimum friend requirement for my Facebook account?

We do not have a minimum requirement. Whether your facebook has 100 friends or 10,000 friends. Whether you receive 100 visitors per day or 1 000 000 visitors, you can sign up and use our system.

If I don’t have a website, but I can drive traffic to you, can I earn money through Adsing?

Yes. Our system has direct links and you can send our advertising links to facebook social media. After generating traffic up to our standards, Adsing will pay you a commission.

How much money can I earn on Adsing?

Earnings depend on site performance and your own operational capabilities. The geographical location of your website traffic can also play an important role in determining your potential earnings. Your operational capacity determines the number of people on your team. The more people that work for you, the more revenue you generate. The same goes for the more traffic we bring in, the more advertisers will pay for advertising. Earning $5000 a month with Adsing is very easy.

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What is the minimum income for withdrawing funds on Adsing?

Our minimum payment threshold is different for each level of account, please check in your account. Adsing will automatically process the billing.

Are there fees for payments on Adsing?

You get as much as you earn in the system.

How often do you make payments on Adsing?

You can request a withdrawal at any time as long as the minimum threshold withdrawal requirement for your account has been met, which is automatically processed by the system.

What ads are displayed on Adsing?

Adsing always selects the best ads to show to our members. the best paid ads are shown on Adsing. Our Ads Network is an intelligent, fully automated system that finds ads with the best CPC and displays them through our system..

What are the main verticals for Adsing push campaigns?

The popular industries for push notifications change from time to time. The top segments of an ad push network can change frequently: audiences change and so do their needs.
Adsing’s top vertical list is shown below.

– Utilities (cleaners) – PER, MEX, USA, BRA, COL.
– Cryptocurrency – PER, MEX, USA, BRA, COL.
– Gambling – THA, IDN, BGD, ZAF, BRA, NGA.
– Betting – BGD, ZAF, BRA, NGA, THA, IDN.
– Electronic products
-Shopping site
-World famous brands

What are Adsing’s top vertical for popular (popunder) advertising campaigns?

Adsing’s top vertical for popunder advertising are

  • Dating.
  • Gambling.
  • Betting.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Apps and utilities.

Because they are more willing to pay high advertising fees. So that we can pay more commission for the members.  

That’s all! Thank you for being here ( review: is legit or scam). 

That’s all

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