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86FB And 86z Rebates Earnings Explanation (Level 1, 2, 3 Subordinates)

86FB And 86z Rebates Earnings Explanation, 86fb rebates explanation, 86z rebates explanation


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86z and 86fb Rebates Explanation | In This Page, I Am Going To Give You The Full And Simplest Explanation on 86FB and 86z Rebates Earnings

86FB And 86z Rebates Earnings Explanation

Before I go for that on my explanation on 86fb and 86z, let me quickly explain what 86fb and 86z is for you.


What is 86fb – What is 86z?

86fb and 86z are both sports investment company headquartered in Manchester, UK. It was co-founded by city football group (C.F.G Co Ltd) in May 2015. 86fb and 86z parents company is 86w.

86fb and 86z are football investment platform where you may make money by playing games that the site provides with a 96 percent victory probability.

86FB vs 86z 

86z and 86fb both platform perform the same football investment with a 96% of sure winning. 86w is the parent owners of both 86fb and 86z but with different franchise. Do you want to know more about 86fb and 86z? Then keep reading till the end. 

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86FB And 86z Rebates

 The 86fb and 86z platform rebates earnings where divided into 3 levels which are levels 1, level 2 and level 3. And each levels has their own percentage of earnings for their upline. 

Let me explain the levels to you more better below

Who is level 1, 2, and 3 subordinate?

We have 3 levels of subordinates. Let me explain this:

We can simply understand Down-lines mean more members more money.

So now that you know these, Suppose you have 50 first level and these first levels also have 50 each and these also have 50, and suppose these all have a profit of 5000NGN per game which makes it 10,000NGN per day for the two games. 

This means that you get: 

First Level: 10% x 10,000 profit of the day x 50 subordinates = 50,000NGN

Second Level: 5% x 10,000 profit of the day x 50 subordinates = 25,000NGN

Third Level: 3% x 10,000 profit of the day x 50 subordinates = 15,000NGN

This gives a total of 90,000NGN on a single day.

So in a month it will be 90,000NGN x 30 days = 2,700,000NGN

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So it is important that we look at the long term. Some of the members here are already earning some good Agent Rebates per month, like millions per month.

I hope you now understand how 86FB And 86z Rebates Earnings work now! Thank you for reading

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