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(Video) “You’re f*cking Simi”…Adekunle yells as he serves wife some lessons

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Prior to his engagement and wedding ceremony, Nigerian singer, Adekunle Gold has shown that he is indeed the number one fan of his wife, Simi and even after they tied the knot, there doesn’t seem like a stopping for the adorable singer who would stop at nothing to ensure the success of the vibrant female singer

(Video) “You’re f*cking Simi”…Adekunle yells as he serves wife some lessons 1

In a recently shared video by Simi, Adekunle Gold is captured motivating her to snap into the RnB genre of music.AG as he is fondly called while having a tete a tete with his wife in their bedroom said; “Baby i have told you before as your fan, forget that im your husband, bring back that restless body of work and show them that you’re nobody’s mate”.

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Though Simi in the video sarcastically and stylishly expresses her fears, saying that people don’t respect RnB, Adekunle Gold could be heard saying “They would listen. Its Simi, You’re fucking Simi”

Fans have trooped to her comment section affirming that her husband is indeed right as they cannot wait for her next EP


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