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ViralTrend Account | In This Page, I am Going to Teach You How to Create Viraltrend Account And How to Make Money on – QUICK LINK to Register on ViralTrend

What is

Viraltrend is an online social marketing platform that pays you daily by socializing with your social media accounts by doing something you usually do on your social media portfolio. The activities you engage in on the Viraltrend is to like, comment, posting, sharing, following, subscribing to Youtube channels etc and you will be paid by doing this. – RECOMMENDED: Viraltrend review (is viral trend legit or scam)

Viraltrend Plan/package

There are 2 plan on, and each plan comes with their benefits and they categorised under membership plan. 

  • Membership Plan

The two are

  1. The Basic Plan
  2. The Premium Plan

Viraltrend Membership Plan

When signing up an account on viraltrend, there are two account options to choose from. The promoter account and the Advertiser account.

If you have anything you want to advertise on Viraltrend, you should use the advertising package or you can also use the promotion plan too if you want to promote. 

Viraltrend Advertiser’s:

They offer advertisers the opportunity to create adverts on social media tasks like likes, video views, follows, on all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter (For those that use VPN to update their Twitter account). It is no more a news that if you advertise your products or services on Viraltrend that you will sell a lot. ViralTrend advertiser’s are really making cool money from their good/products and services every day. 

ViralTrend Promoters:

Promoters who decide to use viraltrend get paid for each social media task they perform while the publishers earn from the number of adverts they publish and showcase on their websites.

The promoters also are making a real cool money from this package without even having anything they sell at all, all they do is just performing some simple task daily and they make money daily. 

If you choose to login as a promoter, there are two levels of membership you can subscribe to on Viran trend, basic plan which costs #500, and Premium plan that costs #1500.

Here’s the benefits of the two plan of  Viraltrend promoters. 

ViralTrend Basic Plan

The basic plan cost #500 and the main benefit of this plan is your referral. You get a referral commission of 30% for all the people that join viraltrend directly through your referral link and 5% for all your indirect referrals. That is people who join using the referral link of the person you refered.

ViralTrend Premium Plan


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This plan costs #1500. Unlike the basic plan, the premium users have a wider range of benefits.

Firstly you get a referral commission of 50 % for your direct referrals and 10% for your indirect referrals.

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How to make money on

There’s a lot of ways to make money on Viraltrend, as I said before, you can make money on Viraltrend either by being an advertiser on the platform or being a promoter. 

Keep Reading >>> I will explain to you more

You can make money on Viraltrend only when you pay a one time fee of ₦500 on Viraltrend basic plan has a promoter or ₦1500 one time payment has a premium promoters. 

NOTE: premium promoters earn more than the basic promoter. 

Being a promoter on this platform, have seen someone who makes ₦90,000 in just a Month. 

You also also make money on your own by being an advertiser on the platform. 

How does Viraltrend work?

Viral trend pays you to do the following social media tasks; A. Following their advertisers or clients on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. They presently pay as much as N10 per one follow… wow!!! (Imagine if you follow up 100 page on Instagram, another 100 on Facebook per day). That is ₦2000 per day. 


  • ViralTrend pay you to like their clients Photos, like in photo contests, Page posts, Facebook and Twitter likes.
  • They pay you to subscribe to their clients or advertisers YouTube channels, like and watch videos.
  • They pay you to watch few seconds videos across all social media.

With these, you can make some money daily and withdraw into your local bank account. Other Benefits: Apart from making money from social media tasks, referring has much more money. This is easy as registration fee is all affordable.

You can also read news to earn #3 on every single news you read and it is unlimited.

NOTE: Referring is optional (if you like you refer, if you like you don’t refer, you will always make money). It just depends on how you need money. 

When it gets to a substantial amount between 5000naira to 10,000 Naira, you can withdraw it.

ViralTrend Sign Up – How to Create Viraltrend Account

To create a new Viraltrend Account, just follow the steps below

1. GOTO the Viraltrend registration page or Click HERE

You will see a page that looks like this one below

2. Enter your first and last name

3. Enter your email address and click on “Get Started“. 

The next page will look like this image below


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4. Select your “Country“, your “State“. 

5. Set your password. 

6. Enter your username (mark the small box) and click on “Register“. 

7. Now, GOTO your email inbox to confirm the email sent to you by ViralTrend. 

That’s all! The next step is to login to your Viraltrend account and pay your one time membership fee and start performing a simple task to make money daily. 

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This is how to login to your Viraltrend account safely. 

1. Enter your “Viraltrend email address”. 

2. Enter your “Viraltrend password”. 

3. Click on “Login“. 

Do you forget your ViralTrend login details? – Don’t worry, just click on “forgot password” then follow the instructions given there to setup another password to sign in to your Viraltrend account. 

That’s all


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Now Click next, choose a plan: basic is N500 and Premium is N1500 and pay. Get approved and You are good to go. You can now see social media tasks on your dashboard immediately, perform tasks and start earning.

How To Link Your Social Media Account With Viraltrend

To link, first login into your social media accounts using same browser preferably Mozilla Firefox or Chrome E.g

  • and

Then Login to our site and click on the available links on your viraltrend dashboard.

This should go smoothly. Note to link YouTube simply login to your gmail account from owns YouTube) using same Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser.

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How to withdraw from viraltrend

Before you can withdraw on Viraltrend, you need to add your bank account number into your Viraltrend account. 

To Withdraw

1. Go-to your main menu and click on “Withdraw” 

2. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on “Withdraw“. 

That’s all! Within 24hrs, your money will get to you.  

That’s all.

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