UBA transfer Code Without ATM – What is UBA transfer Code

UBA transfer Code without ATM – What is UBA transfer Code | Transfer Code of UBA • UBA mobile transfer Code, UBA USSD Code, how to activate UBA transfer Code, UBA transfer Code to another bank

This page is all about how to transfer money and use UBA USSD code
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About UBA

UBA is Africa’s best and most resilient banking group with operations in 20 African countries and offices in three global financial centres.


In this page, you are going to learn many USSD Code of UBA. You will learn about UBA, the benefits of using UBA transfer Code, things you can do with UBA USSD Code, how to activate UBA transfer Code, how to send funds to other UBA account holder, UBA mobile money transfer Code to other Bank, how to use UBA transfer Code to check your UBA account balance, UBA USSD transfer Code without ATM, how to use UBA USSD Code to buy airtime, etc. 

UBA USSD Code – UBA transfer Code


United Bank for Africa Plc, is a Nigerian pan-African financial services group headquartered in Lagos. It has subsidiaries in 20 African countries and offices in London, Paris and New York. It is listed as commercial bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria. 

The Benefits Of Using the  UBA Transfer Code

  • It is very simple to operate;
  • Mobile banking transactions are always  safe and secure;
  • It works perfectly well on all kind of phones;
  • It is very fast compared to physical banking;
  • It is convenient as you can make any transaction right from your comfort zone;
  • It cost nothing as no data connection is needed;
  • It is compatible with any network such as Airtel, MTN, Glo, or 9mobile;
  • You can transfer more than a million naira funds, etc.

What is UBA transfer Code

The UBA one and only official USSD transfer Code is *919#

Things You Can Do With UBA USSD Code.

The UBA USSD Code *919# has lots of functions it served other than transferring money from UBA to UBA or any other banks in Nigeria. Some of these other functions are as follows:

  • To create a UBA bank account;
  • To transfer fund;
  • To buy airtime;
  • To buy data bundle;
  • To pay bills;
  • To access UBA Mini-account statement, etc.

How To Activate UBA Transfer Code To Transfer Money From UBA

In a bid to make banking life easier for their customers, United Bank For Africa (UBA) also joined the moving trend of mobile banking and it’s available for all bank account holders.

Thus, to use the UBA mobile banking ussd transfer code, a UBA account holder must activate his phone number with the UBA mobile banking. To get this done, follow the steps below:

  • Dial *919# on your mobile phone dialler;
  • Follow the pop-up instructions to activate your Sim card;
  • Get yourself a UBA transfer PIN;
  • Activate the PIN and start using the UBA USSD banking services.

UBA Transfer Code: How To Send Fund To Other UBA Account Holders.

Here, you will be introduced to the UBA Transfer Code without an ATM card i.e. that you will learn how to transfer money from one UBA account to another without necessarily going down to the ATM gallery to make the transfer.

To do this, you must ensure that you have an active sim card that you used to registered with UBA. In case you have it with you, follow the below steps religiously to learn how to transfer money from UBA to another UBA account holder.

  • Dial this UBA ussd code *919# on your phone dialler;
  • You will receive a pop-up instruction, choose transfer to UBA;
  • Enter the beneficiary account number;
  • Enter the exact amount you will like to transfer to the beneficiary;
  • Enter your UBA transfer PIN code to confirm that it is you;
  • Then, confirm the transaction.

In a nutshell, you can use the below code to transfer money from UBA to another UBA account. Simply dial *919*3*account number*amount#. Better still,  *919*3*2152502029*1000#.

Take your time to enter the beneficiary account details and even confirm the name thereafter if it is really the beneficiary name. So follow the above process, enter your UBA transfer pin correctly and complete the transaction.

UBA Mobile Banking Transfer Code To All Other Banks.

Since you are here for the appropriate code to transfer money from UBA to any other banks in Nigeria, then religiously follow the below steps to savor your taste with the relevant UBA transfer code for such purpose.

That is to say, if your beneficiary is a Gtbank account holder, or a Diamond user, Ecobank user, or a Sterling Bank account holder, etc., the following steps are what you need to follow:

  • Dial *919# which is the general UBA USSD code;
  • Choose Transfer to other banks;
  • Select the beneficiary bank type, and if you can’t find there click next;
  • Enter the beneficiary account number and press okay;
  • Enter the amount to be transferred and press okay;
  • Enter your UBA transfer PIN to confirm that you are the one making the transaction;
  • Press enter to complete the task.

Alternatively, you can do it this way: just go to your phone dialer and dial *919*4*account number*amount#, or better still, *919*4*5273063425*2000#

Whatever the method you choose from the two options, once your transaction is successful, you will receive a debit alert from UBA telling you that your transaction is completed. You will also get the breakdown of the transaction made, the beneficiary name, amount sent, and your available balance. 

How To Use UBA Transfer Code To Check Your Account Balance

One of the jaw-dropping features of UBA mobile banking is the ability of bank account holders to check their available balance away from home without necessarily going down to the bank.

To enjoy the UBA ussd service in checking your available balance, kindly follow the guidelines below:

  • Dial *919# on your phone dialler;
  • Choose check account balance;
  • Enter your UBA transfer PIN;
  • Enter okay.


Just dial *919*00# on your phone but make sure that the Sim card you used for your UBA account registration is on the phone. In few seconds, you will receive a message containing your account balance. This service is not toll-free though, a few nairas will be charged from your account.

How To Use UBA USSD Transfer Code To Buy Airtime

Do you want to remain connected all the time without running out of airtime? If yes, you can recharge your phone on any of the leading telecommunication’s networks like Airtel, MTN, Glo, and 9mobile using UBA mobile banking service.

Such is one of the advantages of activating the transfer code. It will save you the stress of walking down the road to buy a recharge card. The service is reliable and always available 24/7 as it can be accessed and use at any time.

  • UBA Self Top Recharge Pin

Make sure you have the Sim card used for the UBA account registration on your phone;

  • Dial *919#;
  • Select self top-up;
  • Enter amount;
  • Then press Okay.


Dial *919*amount# better still, *919*500#. Your mobile account will be credited with N500 airtime and there is no service fee applied.

  • UBA Recharge Code To Another Number

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In case you want to top up a friend, relative, or third-party phone number, follow the below process:

  • Dial *919# on your phone;
  • Choose recharge third party;
  • Enter the third-party phone number;
  • Choose the third-party network type;
  • Enter amount;
  • Confirm the transaction.

More simply, just dial *901*Phone Number*Amount#. That is, *919*09015425552*3000#. In few seconds, you will receive a message confirming the transaction to be successful.

You will also receive the breakdown of the transaction including the beneficiary details and your available balance.

UBA Transfer Code Without ATM

Here, you will know how to use the UBA transfer code to withdraw without an ATM card and there is no way you can perform this transaction unless you activate the UBA mobile banking USSD codes on your account.

If you are yet to activated the ussd codes banking service on your account, kindly scroll up to read the aforementioned steps to generate a UBA transfer PIN. When you are done reading and generating the code, then come down to read the guide on how to use the USSD code needed to perform cardless withdrawal on ATM.

Step 1: Dialing the UBA USSD code

The first step is to dial *919*30*Amount# on your mobile phone. Make sure it is the Sim card you used for the bank account registration.

Step 2: Enter your PIN

Having dialed the USSD code on your phone, you will see a prompt message on your phone requesting your PIN code. There, input the UBA transfer Pin you generated earlier and press okay.

Step 3: Choose the account to be debited

After you must have entered your transfer pin, you will equally be asked to select your preferred account to be debited, select your UBA mobile banking and move to the next step.

Step 4: Generate a one-time PIN code for verification

For safety and security reasons, you will be asked to create a one-time PIN that you will use to verify as the real account owner at the ATM gallery.

Step 5: You will receive a withdrawal code via SMS

At this stage, UBA will send you a 0-14 digit code that will be used to withdraw the needed cash out of the machine.

Now, you have the needed digits to perform the cardless transaction, what is next now is for you to proceed to the nearest bank and complete the transaction.

Step 6: Go to any nearest bank

Since you have your withdrawal digits with you, walk down to any UBA ATM station or any other bank ATM station that has cardless withdrawal enabled on it.

Step 7: Press any button at the ATM

Once you get to the ATM station, press any button there and several features will be displayed on the machine screen.

Step 8: Select Pay Code or Cardless Withdrawal

The moment you press any key at the ATM gallery, you will see something like a cardless withdrawal or pay code feature among the features that will be shown to you on the machine screen, kindly click on it.

Step 9: Enter your withdrawal passcode

Input the 0-14 digit withdrawal pin code you generated or received in step 5 above to confirm that you are real and legitimate.

Step 10: Enter your one-time code

You will equally be asked to enter your one-time code verification for further confirmation. Enter the PIN code and press enter.

Step 11: Enter the amount to withdraw

This is the final step and I believe you know what you are expected to do here. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw from the ATM. Wait patiently as the ATM verify your detail before popping out your cash as instructed.

UBA Short Code To Pay Your Bills

A lot has been said earlier in respect of the importance and comfortability one tends to enjoy in using the UBA USSD short code to perform several transactions without stepping out of your comfort zone.

By and large, below is the appropriate UBA mobile banking code you can use to pay your bills or renew your subscription for services like DStv, Start Times, GoTV, etc.

Dail *919*5# on your phone and follow the instructions that prompt up on your phone screen.

UBA Mobile Banking USSD Codes In Summary

Below are the quick summary of UBA USSD code for all their services. 

Code to check UBA Account balance

To check your UBA account balance: *919*00#

UBA USSD Code to Buy Airtime for yourself

UBA short code for self recharge or Top-Up: *919*Amount#

UBA USSD Code to Send Airtime to others

UBA short code to recharge for third-party: *919* Phone number* Amount#

UBA transfer Code to Another UBA Account

UBA transfer code to another UBA Account: *919*3*account number*amount#

USSD Code to Load UBA Prepaid

Short code to load UBA Prepaid Card: *919*32#

UBA Transfer Code to Another Bank

UBA ussd transfer code to other banks: *919*4*account number*amount#

UBA USSD Code to Pay Bills

UBA ussd code to pay bills: *919*5#

UBA Transfer USSD Code Without ATM Card

UBA transfer code without ATM card (ATM cardless withdrawal code): *919*30*Amount#

Other than the above mentioned, there’s no other UBA USSD code in existence as at the time of compiling this article that has not been listed. Do enjoy your mobile banking services with United Bank For Africa (UBA) while it lasted.

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