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STORY: Thorn In The Flesh Episode 2

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Thorn In The Flesh

PREVIOUSLY ON Thorn In The Flesh Episode 1: Greg starts his car, and drove off leaving Fiona standing, Fiona was wishing he will change his mind but Greg was gone.

Episode 2. 

Greg rang the door bell again and waited but no respond came, it was late, he has managed to drive
home, he doesn’t even know how he did it but he was home all the same.


This was the third time he
was ringing the door bell but no respond came, he knows that Klein, his wife was inside. He quietly
went back to his car and sat inside, and just when he was about falling into a deep sleep he had a hard bang on his car door, he woke up and saw Klein, his hearted skipped a little, he wondered why
his heart will skip anytime he sees Klein, he opened
the door and stepped down, Klein walk out of him
and straight into the house, Greg followed her inside. 
Klein locked the door and faced him “Where have
you being, but first look at the time,
what the time say…answers me Greg, and you smell
of alcohol, what kind of pastor are you, oh you now
visit bars and prostitutes, all those one coming to
you all in the name of counselling and prayers…is
that a lipstick I’m seeing on your shirt…oh no…you
were with a woman, is she also seeking vision or
spiritual guidance from you, “pastor Greg” having
affair now part of your counselling tips…
As Greg checked himself and knew it must be from
the lady at the bar, he can’t even remember her
name again, she helped him into his car, she might
has mistakenly get her lipstick to his shirt
“Darling…please I don’t want your trouble tonight, I
left the house early because of that… I did not visit
any woman, you can say that I drank but that’s my
only sin tonight, please all I want is to sleep…
Greg tried to walk past her she pushed him back
and slapped him hard on the face, “How dare you
try to walk past me Greg, did I say I
was done talking, and what kind of lie was that,
how did you got the red lipstick on your shirt, you
can pretend and lie to the church member but not to
me, you think you can do anything you like and get
away with you, I have always told you that…
Greg stood and waited for Klein to finish ranting
before he went into his son’s room, who was just
seven years old, Greg checked up on him, he wasn’t
sleeping he was lying awake on his bed, Greg
walked up to his bedside, and sat down
“How are you son…are you alright?
“Dad, are you fighting with mum again, you said it
was not good to fight yet you with mum every time,
our Sunday school teacher told us that is the devil
that causes misunderstanding and makes people to
fight…Dad is the devil living in our house now,
because you and mum are always fighting and
quarreling, you don’t agree on anything but you are
happy whenever you are in the church and with other
people, you laugh and play with each other but you
are sad in the house…how do we kick out the devil
so that you and mum will stop fighting…
“Tim, you know I love you right, and your mum
also, and we told you whatever happens at home
remains at home, you should never let anyone know
about what is happening at home, so the only way
to keep off the devil from our home is by praying
and rebuking it, I know you still pray, so keep
praying and the devil will eventually leave our
At that moment Klein entered the room
“I hard you say that I am the devil, so you are
feeding our son with this rubbish, making me look
bad before him, you called me a devil and you want
to kick me out, before you even do such I will
destroy you, I will disgrace you before your church
member and leave you in pieces, please leave my
son’s room, you can’t be smelling of alcohol and a
cheap woman’s perfume close to my son…please
do not influence him with your stupid life style..
“Mum, that’s a bad word to use on Dad, he only…
“shhhhshshh your mouth…i don’t want to hear a
word from you, go back to bed your mate are all
asleep, and make sure you don’t say anything to
anyone outside, do you understand, go back to
sleep now.
Greg walks out into the bathroom, after he
showered he returns to the spare room he now
stays after his wife kicked him out of their master
bedroom, she calls the master bedroom they both
share hers now, Greg put off the light, he tried to
say a word or prayer but his mind was occupied, he
couldn’t concentrate, he shut his yes and tried to
catch some sleep and just when he was about to
sleep the light suddenly turned on, he opened his
eyes and saw Klein standing at the door, his mind
skipped again, he wondered what she want this time
“Come over to my room and do your husband duty
after which you can return back here…come right
now…I don’t want to wait for you or come back here
to call you again…
“I don’t feel like it tonight, please not tonight
“who are you to say such, I said I need you tonight
and you have the gut to open that your stupid
mouth to deny me of my right…oh so you have had
your fill outside with your so called church ladies
and my needs are not relevant, you have fully
satisfied yourself outside and you think you will
sleep in peace if I don’t get what I want, if you
ever…I mean ever deny me of my right in bed I will
go out there and mingle with any of those fine men
in the choir or among the ministers, or better still
any man I so desire, I will get dirty with the man,
look at me, I am so desirable, it will be hard for
any insane man to say no to me, and when that
happens, it will be to your shame, you will be first
called out, the scandal will be on your head, don’t
dare me…you know what I’m capable off…so don’t
you dare me or I will expose your dirty secrets to
the world, how you have being having affair with
some member and also how you drink to stupor
everyday, I will even add some spices to it and say
you always punch me anytime you get home drunk…
it will be an interesting headline, you will be on
every ones lips…don’t just try me Greg, come into
my room quickly…
Klein walked out, Greg sat up on his bed, he held
his head in his hand, he breathed deeply before
getting up, he walks into Klein master bedroom,
and try to do what ever she says but no matter how
he try his mind was so far and the whole thing was
boring, Klein started raining abuses on him and
pushed him out of her room, Greg quietly walk back
to his room, he shut the door, and locked it behind,
he sat on his bed and held his head in his hand, he
wonder how he will escape from his trouble, sleep
has left his eyes completely, he sat up and picked
up the bible by his bed stand, he read few chapter
before knelling down beside his bed, he locked his
hand together in agony, he wanted to shout out his
prayer but to avoid further trouble from Klein he
started muttering silent prayer, and the more he
prayed tears pour down from his eyes, he prayed
deeply into the night to the early hours of the
following morning before he finally slept off.
To be continued…….



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