StrimPay Sign Up, Login | How to Create StrimPay Account

StrimPay Sign Up, How to Create StrimPay Account, StrimPay Login, Open StrimPay Account  

StrimPay Banking Account | In This Page, I Am Going To Teach You on How to Open StrimPay Account and How to Get The StrimPay Virtual Card etc. 

Strimpay is a financial money service platform that is owned and parented by “EASYSHOPEN ONLINE MARKETPLACE” an ecommerce company that has been in business since 2018 till date.



What is StrimPay?

Strimpay is a financial and a money services for sending, receiving, requesting and withdrawing of money within Nigeria with 0%-0.5% low transaction charges and also a loan service for small businesses and individuals.

Strimpay is a user friendly money services, that can be easily used by anyone to send and receive money, from customers, friends, family or business partners. Strimpay offers a very low transaction charges of 0.5% transfer fee. Strimpay also offers a quick loan for small businesses to kick start with a 0% interest rate for every first loan. Strimpay is secured,reliable and trusted by Nigerians.

On every transaction you do on StrimPay, you will get ₦5 – ₦15 for free on it. 

StrimPay major mission is to make transfer of money between two parties very easy and stable without sharing much financial details to receive money. With just an email address, users can send and receive money within Nigeria as quick as possible.

StrimPay vision is to enhance the business sectors in Nigeria, sending and receiving money from clients or customers swiftly build a great and standby trust in businesses. Many business are being slowed down by slow transactions between two business partners and Strimpay is here to increase the speed of businesses with fast and quick transactions between two businesses.

Sending money with Strimpay is at the finger tip of every Strimpay users, no vital information is needed to send money or receive money when using Strimpay.

Its much better using Strimpay to send money to business partners, customers/clients, friends and family because its more reliable and never fails in transaction dealings in Nigeria.

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StrimPay Virtual Card

StrimPay also have virtual card anyone can use to shop online. 

Having access to shop online and have access to online services is the major goal with Strimpay visa virtual card. With StrimPay virtual card users can pay bills and make purchases at over 1000+ online merchants.

StrimPay Withdraw Funds Fee

You can easily withdraw money to your local bank account at excellent charges –  up to 0.5%. 

Deposit Funds on StrimPay

With Bank transfer only you can deposit money into your strimpay account. There is always an option that is right for you. – up to 0%. 

Receive Money on StrimPay

Receiving money is always free of charge – Free

Send Money on StrimPay


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You can easily make payments/send money at excellent transaction charges. – up to 0%

StrimPay Loan Service

Get a good loan for your business with no extra payback charges for every first loan. – up to 0.4%

Administrative fee

Keep using your Strimpay Account and you will never be charged an administrative fee! – Free

How does StrimPay work?

How easy receiving money can be using Strimpay service.

Receiving money with Strimpay money service comes with a very simple format,after a simple 20 seconds registration, users can start receiving payment from friends,family and customers via users Strimpay email address.

Received funds can be withdrawn instantly into users bank account within few seconds. Strimpay can be used to receive money from anyone around the country(Nigeria).

Why choose Strimpay?

Here’s Top 6 reasons why using a Strimpay account for manage your money.

StrimPay Sign Up | How to Open StrimPay Account

To create StrimPay account, just follow the steps below

1. GOTO the StrimPay account registration page 

2. Enter your first Name and your last. 

3. Enter your email address.

4. Enter your password and repeat your password again. 

5. Click on “Sign Up”. 

That’s all. You will be given free ₦500 cash on your account. 


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StrimPay Login – how to login to StrimPay account

To login into your StrimPay account, just follow the steps below

1. GOTO the StrimPay login page. 

2. Enter your email address

3. Enter your password

4. Click on “Login”. 

Do you forget your StrimPay password? – Click on forgot password and then follow the instructions given to you on the page to create another password. 

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How to fund your StrimPay Account

To deposit money into your StrimPay account, just follow the steps below

1. GOTO your “Dashboard” and click on “Fund Wallet”. 

2. Select the “Deposit Options” either by “Bank transfer” or “Card Transfer“.  


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3. Enter the amount you want to fund (deposit) your account with. 

4. Click on “Continue“. 

5. Follow the  next instructions they will give you. 

NOTE: If you fund your StrimPay account with ₦20,000 and above and get rewarded with ₦1000 into your savings account instantly!

How to Send Money on StrimPay

Money can be sent easily and quickly with just a simple little steps.

How to transfer money to Bank on StrimPay


1. Click on “transfer” 

2. Enter the “Bank Account Number“. 

3. Enter the “beneficiary name”. 

4. Select the “Bank name“. 

5. Click on “Continue”. 

That’s all

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How to Get StrimPay Virtual Card

To get the StrimPay virtual card, click on virtual card on your main menu and then follow the instructions given to you there. 

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StrimPay FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions on StrimPay 

How to receive money with Strimpay?

Receiving money with strimpay is easy without giving out your financial details,with an email address you can receive money quickly and efficiently.

Is my money safe with Strimpay?

Strimpay has a very strong security layers that protects users information and every transactions that goes through Strimpay in and out of Strimpay.

How much fees does Strimpay charge?

Strimpay charge as low as 0% fee to 0.5% fee on transactions,deposit,loan and every withdrawal on Strimpay website.

Can i send money to users outside Nigeria?

Strimpay can be used to receive and send money only within Nigeria. Strimpay plans to expand its services to other part of african countries.

Can i open a Strimpay account for business?

Business owners can use Strimpay to receive payment and also send money to their business partners,which is more convenient and reliable for business owners.

I forgot the password for my account.

Forgotten password is not a problem,users can reset their password easily by receiving a reset information through their email address.

How do I withdraw funds from my StrimPay account?

Withdrawal of funds from Strimpay accounts to bank is swift and easy,users just have to enter their required bank account details they wish to withdraw their funds to and that’s all it takes for users to withdraw.

How do I bind my virtual card to my strimpay account?

Users can easily bind their Strimpay visa virtual card from their dashboard by entering every virtual card details required and their virtual card will be binded easily.

How do I bind my email address on my StrimPay account?

Every user that signs up gets their email address binded automatically.

How do I receive payments on StrimPay?

Users can receive payment very easily,with just their email address.

How Can I View My StrimPay Payments History?

Every payment/transaction can be viewed or seen on users dashboard when they send or receive money from users on Strimpay.

How do i get a loan on strimpay?

Users can get a loan within a minutes, simply by filling a simple loan application.

How do I request payments or send funds on strimpay?

Users can request payment from their payer using their payers email address to request for payment. And users can send funds through emails.

What is the transfer charges on Strimpay?

0.5% transaction fee is required for transferring funds from Strimpay to Strimpay account,and 0% withdrawal fee.

Rejecting a loan?

Users can reject an approved loan given to them if they don’t feel comfortable taking a loan.

That’s all. 

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