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Shirley Igwe Biography Facts, Net Worth, Age

Shirley Igwe Biography and Net Worth.


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Ogechi Shirley Igwe is an Nigerian Nollywood Actress

Shirley Igwe 12 Sexy Instagram Photos: 10 Facts About Biography, Age, Parents, Wikipedia You Don’t Know.

Shirley Igwe Net worth, Shirley Igwe Biography

14 Facts About Shirley Igwe: Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Parents, Family, Husband, Marriage, Net Worth You May Not Know


Shirley Igwe Biography

Shirley Igwe was Born on April 2, 1987, Shirley Igwe is a very beautiful light-skinned Nollywood actress, movie producer and Nigerian model who has featured in lots of Nollywood movies

1. Shirley Igwe Age, Birthday, Date Of Birth:

Shirley Igwe was born on April 2nd in 1987. Her full name is Shirley Ogechi Igwe

2. Shirley Igwe State Of Origin

Ogechi Shirley Igwe is from Imo State, Nigeria.

3. Shirley Igwe Education Background

Oge Shirley Igwe attended Federal Government Girls College for her secondary school education.


Shirley Igwe Biography Facts, Shirley Igwe Net Worth, Age

4. Shirley Igwe started off as a model, then acting and now a producer

5. Shirley Igwe has a degree in Mass Communication from Imo State University.

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6. Shirley Igwe Mother:

Shirley Igwe lost her mother at the age of 13 to diabetes

7 Shirley Igwe Father

Shirley Igwe again lost her diabetic father in 2014.

8. Shirley Igwe Parents 

Shirley Igwe Mother And Father: Shirley Igwe is an orphan. Her parents are both dead. Diabetes Killed Shirley Igwe’s Parents.

Shirley Igwe words

“Having lost my mother at the age of 13, and father in 2014 and most recently my aunt, to the cold hands of diabetes, I can only but relate to the pains patients and family of patients go through, throughout the duration of this deadly disease.” She told The Sun

9. Shirley Igwe has a foundation that fights the scourge of diabetes, especially the indigents who cannot afford the treatment of the incurable ailment.

10. Shirley Igwe and Rochas Okorocha:

In October 2013, the Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, appointed Nollywood actress, Shirley Igwe, as his principal protocol officer, a post she held for about two years before quitting to face her acting career.



11. Shirley Igwe was rumored to be Rochas Okorocha’s girlfriend, that they dated but she denied it.

“I am not aware that people said I had an amorous relationship with the governor.

That is not true. I worked as his protocol officer and that made us quite close. Apart from handling his guests, I handled every other aspect of his itinerary. I was at every meeting and convention with him, so it is very common and I would not be surprised if they linked us together. If they see a pretty lady everywhere with someone, people would easily jump into conclusion that they are dating.” She told Punch.

12 Shirley Igwe Marriage/Wedding/Husband:

When Shirley Igwe was 30 years in 2017, she spoke to Punch about marriage and wedding.

“I don’t feel any pressure to get married at 30. If my mother was around, she could have been pressuring me but I don’t feel any pressure.

I am from a family that believe in doing things at the right time and do not rush into it quickly only to rush out. Take your time to choose your man and make sure that you are doing great for yourself.”

13 Shirley Igwe Boyfriend/Fiance:

Shirley Igwe Biography Facts, Net Worth, Age

Shirley Igwe said “When it comes to my ideal man, I want a God-fearing man who is financially stable. I also want a loving man. I only dated once in the university and when I graduated, I was busy with work. Then when I had the time, I dated again but it did not work out. The truth is that it is not easy for beautiful people to be in stable relationships. I think it has to do with the mind and jealousy.”

 14. Shirley Igwe Igwe Movies/Filmography:

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Shirley Igwe has featured in lots of Nollywood movies such as Shirley Igwe is an actress, known for Mercy the Bus Driver (2012), The King and the Maidens, Last Three Digits, Mercy the Bus Driver, I Broke my Heart , Wind Of Change and many others.

Shirley Igwe Biography Facts, Net Worth, Age

Shirley Igwe Net Worth

Right now, Shirley Igwe has not publicized her Net Worth to the public. 

Shirley Igwe Instagram Account

In case you wanna follow Shirley Igwe on Instagram, here is her Instagram username @Shirleyigwe 👇👇👇 here it is.

Shirley Igwe

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