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In this page I am going to show you 10 sexy anime girls, 10 hot anime girls, hot anime girls pictures according to my ranking. 

The ranking is done according to the popularity and well a bit of my own opinion. I think the fact that my personal opinion somewhat profoundly affected this list will make a lot of people maybe disagree with it, and that’s fine; it makes things fun. But while my opinion does change this list a bit, I’m still considering popularity, so some characters rank high, but I don’t like them, but I know that they are popular and good looking, so I put them high on the list.

Hot Anime Girls With pictures

Below are the list of all hot anime girls on our list. 

15. Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku Matsumoto
Rangiku Matsumoto

Rangiku Matsumoto is from the series Bleach.  Nothing but great things to say about her. Out of all the bleach girls to me, she stands out the most. I want to say she stands out because she’s mature and whatnot. But that isn’t the case. I think she’s kind of like the most childish character in the series despite being a mature looking female. She’s silly and playful, always trying to have fun, which makes it hard to hate her. And looks-wise as I said above she’s very mature looking she still gives off the sophisticated vibes when you look at her character when in reality she’s just having fun with the characters around her. Rangiku is a great character and one of the best hot anime girls. 

14. Yoko Littner

Hot anime girls
Yoko Littner

Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann is a damn great one looks wise she without a doubt stands out. Though I think it’s safe to say, it’s mostly her outfit that makes her stand out and what an outfit it is phew. There’s barely anything on her man, but it’s not like I’m complaining she is one attractive girl who differently deserves to be this high on the list. Just don’t go googling her age trust me you don’t want to do that.


13. Ann Takamaki

Sexy anime girls
Ann Takamaki

Ann once again another one of my favorites tho not my favorite persona girl. Well, that and also I just have a soft spot for all persona girls.  But soft spot or not, I do honestly believe Ann deserves her high spot on the list even if she isn’t my favorite persona girl. Because she is a looker, a beautiful girl, everything about her looks and how she was designed is just downright excellent, and to top of her good looks, she also is a great girl personality-wise.  She’s just an all-around A++ girl, and that’s a fact.

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12. Erza Scarlet

Hot sexy anime girls
Erza Scarlet

Erza oh boy, Erza, Hate Fairy Tail all you want a man but come on man. Like seriously come on, you can’t hate her man. She is god damn great; I don’t even know what to write or add here. Do I need to go into detail explaining her sexiness? Because I could you know if you want me to. But I don’t feel like it’s required, Erza is attractive she is top tier in the looks department. I don’t even need to explain this fact, and if you somehow do not think she’s insanely attractive. Then I genuinely think there might be something wrong with you.


11. Fubuki

Sexy anime girl

Fubuki is another one of my personal favorites. She’s another one of those cases where her design seems basic and very simple. But the way the author design, display and draw her makes her just radiate matureness. Which makes her stand out and look truly attractive, which honestly makes me think she deserves to be high on this list. Fubuki is excellent. She’s hard to beat when it comes to sexiness, and that is why she makes it to the list of hot anime girls.


10. Albedo

Sexy anime girls

Albedo is, without a doubt, one of my favorites. I can’t help but always look at her. She’s insanely attractive. That’s because of her overall style and design. Because in reality, her basic design is pretty simple with the basic black hair and whatnot. But then you add the yellow eyes which you can’t stop looking at and horns which makes her stand out, and then there is her overall white and yellow outfit and the small yellow parts of her outfit matching her eyes. You end up getting an insanely attractive female character who stands out from the rest. I think the only bad part of her is her crazy personality. But hey this isn’t a list about personality, it’s about looks and albedo for sure deserves to be second on this list of hot anime girls.

9. Hitagi Senjougahara

Hot anime girl
Hitagi Senjougahara

Hitagi from Monogatari series, further up on this list, I mentioned Mai was a knock off of someone. That, someone, was Hitagi. She is like the complete edition of Mai personality-wise. She has an insanely sharp tongue. If you are picking a fight with her in words, she will destroy you. It’s honestly fun and makes her a damn fun character. On top of that, she is one sexy looking character, and I honestly believe she deserves to be this high on the list.

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8. Violet Evergarden

Sexy anime girl - hot anime girl
Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is from the series eh well, Violet Evergarden. Looking and thinking back on this series and the character it kind of really made me realize how this whole series, even it’s character was more. Beauty over substance which kind of works in favor of this list because god damn is Voilet Beautiful, Breathtaking also, but sadly that’s it. We can’t talk about her personality because she barely has one and if I wear to go deep into her character trying to explain. It would just lead to spoilers. So there’s nothing else going for her or the anime. Which kind of sucks but hey what can you do.

7. Faye Valentine

Cute anime girl
Faye Valentine

Faye Valentine is from Cowboy Bebop, another original old school best girl on this list. There are quite a few of them on here which ain’t bad at all. You’ve got to love some classic girls. Just like Android 18, she was one of those hot anime girls who was probably your first anime girl crush and with good reason. Faye is damn lovely.

She is a bit scummy, a girl that will show you a ton of love then proceed to rob you of everything you own. Entertaining stuff right, on top of that, looks-wise she’s beautiful while the image above doesn’t show it off. Her outfit makes her stand out in a crowd due to how hot it is. Which kind of complements her overall character. All in all, she is a high-class girl and is excellent.


6. Misato Katsuragi

Anime girl

Now we get to the real best of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Misato Katsuragi. While you kiddies were fighting over Rei and Asuka, the real man was going after Misato. The original lazy and drunk queen. A step above the rest, a mature woman who’s attractiveness vibes never seem to claim down.

A woman who knows how to take command when needed, she was an all-around best girl, and nobody can say otherwise. And if you don’t agree with this, I’m sorry but sadly you wrong. Jokes aside, she is one of the best waifus around. It’s hard to say she’s bad, which is why I think she deserves to be this high.

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5. Fremy Speeddraw

Sexy anime babe
Fremy Speeddraw

Fremy from the series  Rokka no Yuusha is an interesting addition to our list of hot anime girls. I take back what I said about another girl on this list is the most underrated. That award should go to Fremy. She deserves so much love. Love she’s never sadly never going to get.  But let’s not get into that let’s talk about her from the image alone. I’m sure you understand why she’s so high on this list. She looks so fantastic design-wise it’s such a beautiful design. You really can’t stop looking at her, and she’s captivating.

Also, for her character, she seems very distant and hard to approach, but she has a really shad history for why she’s like that. Later the cast of the series realizes she’s actually a very timid and just doesn’t know how to intact with others. But that timidness doesn’t stop her from being a threat on the battlefield. So just because she’s shy and timid don’t think she’s a weakling.

4. Panty Anarchy

Hot anime girl
Panty Anarchy

Panty Anarchy is from the series Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. Panty is a slut I don’t know any other way I could have said that. She sleeps around with other dudes and throws them out so often it’s kind of wild how active she is. But let’s not judge her because of that I feel like instead, we should respect it.

Why? You might think, well, because Panty is one of the few hot anime girls that own up her sexiness and flaunts it like no tomorrow. She knows she’s a walking sex machine and she owns it. You just kind of have to respect that, and I honestly love her character because of that.


3. C.C

Anime girls

C.C from the series Code Geass. Our beloved lazy pizza girl, but at the same time, she’s another case of a trendy girl. Who shows little personality, so that’s not much to say about it here. Except for her looks, which without a shadow of a doubt, is impressive.

Her long waist, golden eyes, and amazingly long green hair make her stand out from the rest. You can not take your eyes off her. She will captivate you even when she’s just chilling munching on some good pizza. She is a lovely girl to include in the list of hot anime girls.


2. Yuuko Ichihara

Hot anime girls
Yuuko Ichihara

Yuuko Ichihara is from the series xxxHolic and a bunch of other series too. The reason for that being she’s kind of the link between worlds is the best way to put it. So every character in the clamp universe of anime when they are looking for guidance or a way to travel between worlds.

It would always lead to her doorstep the inn, which she owns and manages. Honestly, it’s an exciting concept that kind of links all the clump anime in the same universe through her. So she’s a character with a lot of history. But also if you haven’t noticed she’s a beautiful woman but more on the mature sense which is excellent in its way.

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1. Lust

Hot and sexy Anime

Lust just radiates attractiveness. You seriously can’t look at her and think, “No, she’s not attractive.” No, you’d be wrong even if you hate her you can not deny her attractiveness. Personality-wise though eh that’s where I back away and kind of lose interest in her. She’s kind of a cruel woman granted all of the sins are sadistic. She’s just a bit more sadistic compared to the others. But hey, if you a fan of sadistic women then power to you man, Lust is the perfect anime girl for you.


That’s all, as times goes on we will continue adding more hot and sexy anime girls here. 

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