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Miggster Sign Up, Sign in, Login | Miggster Account


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Miggster Sign Up, sign in, login, create miggster account 

In this page, we are going to look into a game platform that claim to reward people for their highest invitation. 


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What is Miggster?

Miggster is a new mobile gaming platform for all kind of mobile gaming and mobile e-sports. is a new mobile gaming platform that promise to reward it’s top members who invite the most people that successfully Join Miggster. 

Miggster Sign Up/review

The Spinner Is The Lead Up To The Launch Of Miggster On The 14th Of November.

In Spinner, Prizes Will Be Given Out To The Members Who Invite The Most People That Successfully Join Miggster. 

Contestants All Over The World Will Try Their Best To Reach The Top Of The Leaderboard And Secure A Winning Spot!

Disclaimers: is not in any means promoting this platform neither did they pay me money to promote them or using any means to tarnish their online reputation . I am only review this site for you so that you could know that rightful platform to spend your precious time with.

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There are millions of website out there that promise to pay their members some huge amount of money by just refferr and do a simple task on the website. But as times goes on many people realize that they have wasted so much time with them without getting paid. 

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It really hurts and sad when you find out that the website you’av spend about 1 – 2 Month with, doing some simple task are Scam.


That’s why, I and my colleagues spend our precious time to review before publishing them online here.

Miggster Review

According to our finding, we found out that was a partner website with Crowd1 and this show’s that Miggster could be a legit site to spend time with.

We all known that Crowd1 is a legit platform trusted by more than 3 Million Users every day all over the World. As Miggster being a partner with crowd1, this shows that they could be real and legit as crowd1 too. is not those websites that promises people Heaven and Earth. And they are not saying you will be rich overnight.

Miggster promise to reward their Top members who invite the most people to join them a price worth $6000 – US Currency (N2.2m – Nigerian Currency) and some other valuable things which was not mentioned to anyone

I have seen some legit site that reward people up to $50,000 for being among the Top of the leaderboard.

Although, Miggster did not reveals the price they will be paying the Top members that made it to the leaderboard but I believe you should give a try and invite as many people as you can to be among the top leaderboard.

Miggster Top members will be announced on the 14th of November 2020. 

How Miggster Work

Step 1 Register

Claim your rewards by registering your Miggster Membership and invite your friends and family to join Miggster and the Miggster Invitation Spinner competition.

Step 2 Start inviting people

Once registered – you will find your personal invite link on your Miggster page. With this you can invite as many people as you like to Miggster – even if they are not Crowd1 members.

Step 3 Great Prizes To Win

For every new recruit, you climb to the next level and receive 100 rewards. When you have reached level 5, you have also qualified for the chance to win amazing prizes.

Don’t worry, if you are unable to make it to the Top leaderboard, price is still there for you and you will get paid too.

Want to give Miggster a try!

How to Create Miggster Account

To Sign Up for Miggster Account, just follow the simple steps by step below

1. Click Here to go to Miggster Account creation page or go-to  Miggster Sign Up page

After you click on the link above, you will be taking to the Miggster Account creation page that looks like the picture below 

2. Enter your email

3. Enter your preferred username

4. Enter your first name

5. Enter your Last name 

6. Choose password for yourself

7. Sign those two box

8. Click on REGISTER NOW 

That’s all, you have successfully join Miggster

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Miggster Qualification Levels

Once you have reached level 5, you have the chance to win amazing prizes. Good luck, and have fun!

Level 1

1 registered invite Great! You have climbed your first level, great job!

Level 2

2 registered invites Hey, you got this! You’ve just climbed another level, keep going!

Level 3

3 registered invites Now you are getting somewhere! Halfway there already!

Level 4

4 registered invites You rock this! One more invite to go until you join the real show!

Level 5

5 registered invites Final level! Now you start competing for real – good luck!

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How to Get your Miggster Invitation link

When you Log in into your Miggster Account, you will see your Miggster Invitation link on your Start homepage.

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Here below are some list of the frequently questions people ask about Miggster. 

What is Miggster?

Miggster is a new mobile gaming platform for all kind of mobile gaming and mobile e-sports

What is Miggster Invitation?

Miggster Invitation is a marketing tool and a competition based on the Miggster Launch the 14th of Novermber 2020. The more friends you invite to Miggster the earlier access you will get when Miggster launch the 14th of November. You can also win great prizes, see

How do I attend?

You need an invitelink to attend. If you are a Crowd1 member you register in Miggster to get your invite link. If you are not a Crowd1 member you need to find an invite link to attend.

How do I invite my friends?

By sending your personal invite link to your friends. You can find your invite link in your back office. Copy the link and use the communication channels you are used to.

Where can I see if I am on the Leaderboard?

You login to your Miggster and click Leaderboard.

Can I join Miggster if I am under 18 years old?

No, you need to be at least 18 years old to join Miggster.

Am I forced to buy a subscription in Miggster if I join Miggster Invitation?

No, Miggster Invitation is a marketing tool and a competition. When Miggster launches the 14th of November you will get more information and decide if you like to join Miggster. You probably will!


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to Miggster customer support team.

Video About Miggster

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