Blog Sign Up, Login (Get $1 USDT Daily) | Account Sign Up, login, how to create Account, registration Account | in this page, I am going to teach you on how to mine 1USDT Daily and Withdraw Anytime. QUICK – Registration Link

What is is a cloud mining platform that provides space for it user’s to mine free USDT coin Daily through it cloud mining machine. has a free version cloud mining for it user’s and it also have paid (premium) version where users can mine more USDT than the paid version.

On this platform, users can use the free version to mine up to 1USDT daily and withdraw anytime they mine up to 4USDT. If you like, you can upgrade to the paid version and mine more USDT. – CHECK: Review (is legit or scam) Referral Program Rebates also provide referral rebates program to it user’s whereby you get a percentage from those who you refer daily. 

Apart from mining on your own, you can also get rebates income daily from those miner’s you refer if they are still mining. 

NOTE: the referral program is optional but it will allow you to earn more income on the platform if you do it. 

Without the rebates income, miner’s can mine 30USDT in 30 days (Month). 

Are you interested? – if yes, then why don’t you create account now and start making free money. 

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Just follow the steps below to create your account.

1. GOTO the registration page or Click HERE

You will see a page that looks like this one below


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2. Enter your “Username“. 

3. Enter your Email

4. Click on “Get Code” (then Goto your email inbox to copy the OTP code sent to you). 

5. Enter your password and Confirm the password again. 

6. Leave the last code as: 1662012. 

That’s all! You’ve successfully create your metaminer Account. 

They will also give you free $10 – $100 to buy their premium mining machine. Just click on “Event” and read what is there, join their telegram channel and also chat Up with your Agent through the telegram link provided there. Login

To login to your metaminer Account, just follow the steps below


1. GOTO the metaminer login page.

2. Enter your email address. 

3. Enter your “password“. 

4. Click on “Login“. 

Do you forget your password? – Click on forgot password and then follow the instructions given to you on the page to create another password. 

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When you login to your account, try to familiarise yourself with how the platform works do that you will understand it more better. 

How to mine USDT on

This is how to mine USDT on the mining App

1. On your account, just click on the mining button you see on this picture below 

2. Then Activate the “mining“. In 24 hours, you will see what you’ve mine on your wallet.

That’s all.


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The minimum withdraw on is 4USDT. When you have up to that, just follow the steps below but firstly, let link our wallet address. 

1. Click on your “Profile“. 

2. Click on “Withdraw“. 

3. Click on “Card Management” (to input your USDT TRC20 wallet address). 

4. Enter your USDT address

5. Enter your transaction password and then click on “Save”. 


  • So now, anytime you want to withdraw, just click on Withdraw
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Enter your transaction password
  • Get the OTP code sent to your email
  • Then click on “Withdraw“.

That’s all! The money will surely get to you. 

How can I withdraw money every day?

According to the platform’s principle of fairness and reciprocity, a newly registered member is a part-time employee when using the free mining machine presented by the platform to experience, and the income cannot be withdrawn immediately. Only after purchasing a more advanced mining machine and becoming a regular employee can you enjoy the right to withdraw money every day.

Of course, whether it is a part-time employee or a regular employee, the balance in the assets can be used to deduct the cost of purchasing mining machines.

In case you want to buy the premium version of the mining machine to mine more USDT, just follow the instructions below


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How to Buy Premium Cloud Mining Machine

There are 3 premium machine you can buy on the platform and each comes with their benefits

1. The first one is called “L1 – Primary Mining Machine” which you can get for $219 and it can mine $4.48 daily for you. – Contract is for 90 days (3months)

2. The 2nd one is called “L2 – Primary Mining Machine” which you can get for $459 and it can mine $10.32 daily for you. – Contract is for 90 days (3months)

3. The 3rd one is called “L3 – Primary Mining Machine” which you can get for $999 and it can mine $24.47 daily for you. – Contract is for 90 days (3months)

How to Buy

  • Just check through the Hot selling mining
  • And tap on the one you want to buy
  • Make your payment and start mining more USDT.

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That’s all. 

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