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US President Joe Biden Net Worth 2020: Biography, Age

Joe Biden Net Worth, biography and everything you didn’t know about him. 

How much is Joe Biden Worth, Joe Biden career, Joe Biden Net Worth, Joe Biden age, Joe Biden Family, Joe Biden background, joe wife, Joe Biden son, Joe Biden daughter, Joe Biden height and weight


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Who is Joe Biden

Joe Biden is a politician and the winner of the United State of America presidential election in 2020. 

Full Name: Joseph Robinette Biden Jnr
Date of Birth: November 20, 1942 
Height: 181cm tall

Neilia Hunter (1966–1972) 

Jill Biden 1977 till date 

Profession: politician 
Net Worth: $9million 
Last Update: 2020

Joe Biden biography

Net worth of Joe Biden before he become president 

Joe Biden worth $9million before becoming the United State of America president.

Joe Biden Biography

Joseph Robinette Biden Jnr was born November 20, 1942 and raised in the rust belt town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, in an Irish-Catholic family.


His father was a car salesman, but when the city went through tough times in the 1950s and he lost his job, he moved the family to neighbouring Delaware when Joe Biden was 10.

“My dad always said: ‘Champ, when you get knocked down, you get back up’,” Biden said.

He made Delaware his political domain. As a young man he served as a lifeguard in a majority-black neighbourhood, an experience he said sharpened his awareness of systemic inequalities and strengthened his political interest.

Joe Biden Education

Biden studied at the University of Delaware and the Syracuse University law school, and has expressed pride that he is not a product of the elite Ivy League.

He touts his working-class roots and recalls being hampered as a child by a stutter so bad he was cruelly nicknamed “Dash”.


But he overcame the condition, and on the 2020 campaign trail spoke about how he still counsels youngsters who stutter.


Joe Biden Biography
Nellia, Joe Biden’s first wife and their infant daughter Naomi, who were killed in a car crash in 1972. File photo: Joe Biden

Joe Biden Family

In 1972, Joe Biden faced the unthinkable – his young wife Nellia and one-year-old daughter Naomi were killed in a car crash as they went Christmas shopping, and he was left alone to raise his two young sons, who were both injured in the accident.


Both boys recovered from their injuries and Beau followed his father into politics, becoming attorney general of Delaware, but the Democratic rising star died of brain cancer in 2015 at age 46.

“It never goes away,” Biden said of the pain that lives within him since losing Beau. The tragedy prevented him from launching a presidential bid in 2016.




Biden met his second wife, teacher Jill Jacobs, in 1975 and they married two years later. Jill was in the process of divorcing her first husband when she met Biden, eight years her senior.


The couple wed in 1977, and she became mother to Hunter and Beau. The Bidens have a daughter, Ashley, who was born in 1981.

Joe Biden Family
Joe Biden with his sons Beau and Hunter and his then future wife Jill in an undated photo. File photo: Joe Biden

While raising her family, Jill Biden also earned two Master’s degrees. She would eventually earn a doctorate in education, and has taught at Northern Virginia Community College.

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Jill Biden assumed the role of second lady in 2009 when her husband became Barack Obama’s vice-president, participating in high-profile events with first lady Michelle and developing a comfortable public speaking style.

Biden’s other son, Hunter, has struggled with alcohol and drug addiction, and was discharged from the US Navy Reserve in 2014 after a positive test for cocaine.


He was a focus of US President Donald Trump’s attacks ahead of the November 3 vote.


From 2014 to 2019, while his father was vice-president, Hunter served on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company.

Trump has accused Joe Biden of seeking the removal of Ukraine’s top prosecutor to protect Hunter from a corruption investigation.


Hunter, 50, has admitted displaying “poor judgment” in his business dealings but denied any wrongdoing.


Hunter is now a painter in Los Angeles, and has three children with his ex-wife Kathleen.


He has two other young children, one with his second wife Melissa Cohen, whom he married last year just six days after they met.

Joe Biden Net Worth
Joe Biden with his son Beau in 2009 at Camp Victory on the outskirts of Baghdad, Iraq. File photo: AFP

Joe Biden Health

At 77, Biden would be America’s oldest ever president. He no longer cuts the same figure he did during his eight years as Obama’s vice-president. Though the dazzling smile remains, Biden’s gait is more delicate and his fine white hair has thinned.


But Biden is no shrinking violet. In 2018, he told students at a Florida university that he would “beat the hell out of [Trump]” if the two men were in high school.


According to the most recent publicly disclosed medical assessment by Biden’s doctor Kevin O’Connor in late 2019, Biden was a “healthy, vigorous 77-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency”.

Joe Biden height weighed 

How tall is Joe Biden

The report said Biden was 181cm tall, weighed 80kg, and had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 24.38. His blood pressure was 128/84.


The most “noteworthy” health incident in Biden’s medical history was an intracranial haemorrhage from a cerebral aneurysm in 1988. Biden’s condition was so dire that a priest was called to give him last rites.


Like Trump, Biden doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. However, Biden does work out “five times a week”, according to his doctor.

Joe biden net worth before he become president 

Joe Biden worth $9million before becoming the United State of America president.

His favourite treat is ice cream, with one of his granddaughters saying he was a fan of the half-chocolate and half-vanilla tub of the American classic ice cream brand Breyers.

Joe Biden Politics life 

Biden hit the national stage at just 29, with a surprise US Senate win in Delaware in 1972.


One of the youngest senators ever, he spent more than three decades in the upper chamber before serving eight years as Obama’s deputy.


Biden’s retail politicking skills are peerless: he can flash his million-watt smile at college students, commiserate with unemployed rust belt machinists, or deliver a fiery admonishment of rivals.


That personable, gregarious propensity was curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic, which brought in-person campaigning to a halt in March and prompted a more cautious Biden on the trail.


As a senator for more than 30 years, Biden was known to forge unlikely alliances – and, like Trump, he developed a lack of fidelity to script.

He faced a reckoning among Democrats – including Kamala Harris, who became become his running mate – for associating with known segregationists in the Senate and, in the midst of 1970s desegregation, for opposing “busing” policies aimed at transporting black children to predominantly white schools.


He also caught flak for helping draft a 1994 crime bill which many Democrats believe drove up incarcerations, disproportionately affecting African Americans. Biden recently called the push a “mistake”.


Other Senate episodes also threatened to spoil his presidential campaign: his 2003 vote for the Iraq war, and his chairmanship of controversial hearings in 1991 in which Anita Hill accused Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment.

Last year he faced a storm over his own notoriously tactile approach with female voters that could suggest a man out of step with his modernising party. He apologised, and promised to be more “mindful” of women’s personal space.


In 1987, Biden joined the race for the White House for the first time, buoyed by his image as a dashing man in his 40s and starting as a favourite among many in his party.


But he crashed out in humiliating style after making a series of exaggerations about his past and a scandal over plagiarised passages in his campaign speeches.

In 2008 he hardly fared better, dropping out after mustering less than one per cent of the vote in Iowa’s caucuses.


That year he was ultimately picked as running mate by Obama, who dubbed him “America’s happy warrior”.


Under Obama, Biden served as a troubleshooter on matters of war and foreign affairs and on domestic issues such as gun control and financial policy.


Obama did not always heed Biden’s advice. Obama gave the go-ahead for the 2011 raid in Pakistan that killed al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden despite Biden’s warning that it was too risky.


Despite having completed his service in the White House in January 2017, Biden felt compelled to run again after seeing Trump say that there were “very fine people, on both sides” of a clash between white supremacists and anti-racist demonstrators in Charlottesville, Virginia, later that year.



When he announced his bid in 2019, Biden said the Trump presidency has put at stake “everything that has made America, America” – its core values, democracy and the US standing in the world – and that he would fight for the “soul of this nation”.


Net Worth of Joe Biden 

Net Worth of Joe Biden

Joe Biden is an United State America politicians and the winner of the US 2020 presidential election. Joe Biden has a net worth of $9 million.

In news reminiscent of the 2016 election, it emerged recently that President Trump paid $750 or less in taxes over the past several years and that he and his companies have outstanding debt that may exceed $1 billion—this, on top of the news last month that his net worth dropped $600 million to $25 million in a single year. This stands in contrast to someone who was once referred to as the “poorest man in Congress,” Joe Biden. Granted, presidential candidate Biden is still wealthy by anyone’s standards, but his net worth and how he obtained it is easier to trace, especially because he has released his tax returns every year for more than a decade. With a family history that spanned both wealth and hardship, Biden spent many years as “Middle Class Joe” before he obtained his current net worth. So how did he make his money, and how much is he worth today

Joe biden net worth before he become president 

Joe Biden worth $9million before becoming the United State of America president.

Joe Biden is a millionaire, according to Forbes.

In all, Joe is reportedly worth $9 million at present, which is significantly more than earlier in his career. This number, from Forbes and calculated in 2019, is based on a total portfolio of $4 million in real estate (Joe and wife Jill Biden own two homes in Delaware), cash/investments worth $4 million, and a federal pension worth more than $1 million. The Bidens released their tax returns from 2016 to 2018, which showed that they paid about a third of their income in taxes in 2017 and 2018 ($3.7 million and $1.5 million, respectively), and that they donated a significant amount to charity in 2017 and 2018 ($1 million and $275,000, respectively).


Joe Biden Age 

Joe Biden was born November 20, 1942 (78 year by November 20, 2020

Joe Biden wife 

According to Joe Biden record, Biden has married 2 woman in her life.

Jill Biden

Joe Biden second wife
Joe Biden current wife

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Jill Biden is Joe Biden wife till date married in 1977 till date. 

Neilia Hunter

Joe Biden first wife neilia Hunter
Joe Biden first wife
Neilia Hunter was the first wife of Joe Biden.  Married in 1966–1972 (She died in a car accident in 1972 with their only daughter. 

Joe Biden Children


1. Hunter Biden
2. Beau Biden
3. Ashley Biden
4. Naomi Christina Biden

Do Joe and Jill Biden have a child together?

She married Joe Biden in 1977, becoming stepmother to Beau and Hunter, his two sons from his first marriage; their mother and baby sister had died in a car accident in 1972. Biden and her husband also have a daughter, Ashley, born in 1981.

How did neilia Hunter died?

Neilia Hunter Biden (July 28, 1942 – December 18, 1972) was an American teacher and the first wife of President-elect of the United States Joe Biden. … She died in a car crash in 1972 with her infant daughter, Naomi; her two sons, Beau and Hunter, were severely injured but survived.

Who is the oldest president?

The youngest to become president by election was John F. Kennedy, who was 43 years, 236 days, at his inauguration. The oldest person to assume the presidency was Donald Trump, at the age of 70 years, 220 days, on Inauguration Day. Followed by Joe Biden, at the age of 77 years. 

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