Is HetzBank Legit or Scam, HetzBank Investment Platform | Review

Is HetzBank Legit or Scam, HetzBank Review, is legit or scam Review | on this page, I am going to tell you if investment platform is legit or scam, hetzbank withdraw etc. I promise that after you read this hetzbank review, you will know the answer to your question “is legit or scam. 

What is HetzBank?

HetzBank is a professional web hosting provider and experienced data center operator. Since 1997 the company has provided private and business clients with high-performance hosting products as well as the necessary infrastructure for the efficient operation of websites.

A combination of stable technology, attractive pricing and flexible support and services has enabled HetzBank to continuously strengthen its market position both nationally and internationally. The company owns several data centers in Germany and Finland.

HetzBank always strives to improve their products’ price-to-performance ratios. By partnering with well-known hardware and software manufacturers, we ensure that their products have the highest level of quality. Customers can reach their qualified data center technicians 24/7.

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According to them, they claim HetzBank is a profitable and sustainable cloud computing server project which has been developed and managed by HetzBank for already 3 years. With the rapid development of the Internet, they also said HetzBank has noticed that a large number of users leave the terminal resources on the network idly, causing a huge waste of resources.

To reduce waste and recycle, we hereby established a laboratory for product development and progressed an innovative cloud computing server plan, which utilized the latest cloud technology and the function of “The Internet of Things” to improve the operational efficiency of idle resources, creating new revenue streams through digital transformation.

Keep reading>>> you will soon know if is legit or scam

It will help We Media content creators to get traffic, to connect different IT equipment at any time and any place, to achieve data access and calculation, and to create value.

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How it works

HetzBank cloud computing servers realize in-depth learning through distributed computing, parallel computing, grid computing, etc. By recompiling the intelligent algorithms of the main websites and APP platforms, it helps We Media content creators and advertisers to increase traffic and product exposure on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc, thus creating commercial value for them.

In the past three years, we have collaborated with 100,000+ content creators and contracted video bloggers, bringing them more than 100 million of traffic (the data is by March 2022) and benefits from it. 80% of our content creators and contracted video bloggers have become our regular partners in cooperation.

At present, this project involves 2 self-built server rooms and 100,000 cloud computing dedicated servers, which can independently provide Internet infrastructure services such as computing, storage, online backup, hosting, and bandwidth.

Also, we have cooperated with other well-known cloud server companies at home and abroad with their leasing services to meet the growing business volume in the future. The cooperating companies include Amazon Cloud, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Huawei Cloud, etc.

Keep reading>>> you will soon know if is legit or scam

In the three years of the trial run, the cloud computing server project has been operating very well. By serving the We Media content creators and advertisers, we have also obtained corresponding revenue. To serve more content creators and advertisers, we decide to expand the range of operations and aggregate social financing.

According to them, they decided to deploy a larger scale of cloud computing servers around the world. Through P2P distributed computing, while making full use of idle resources, they said they also need more funds to pay the end-users who offer those idle resources. Certainly, they will pay back their investors with a considerable investment return.


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The HetzBank is committed to providing investors with a financial management platform that helps them obtain economic benefits by utilizing idle resources. In the future, our R&D team will continue to develop varied types of innovative products. While serving the We Media content creators and advertisers, we also hope to offer our investors stable and sustainable economic benefits.

Is HetzBank Legit or Scam

To cut the whole stories short, on my last update, I published a review about, and if you check on the info on their page, you will know that this people are the same with hetzbank. 

They just buy different domain name to create the website and use the same information on the two platform. 

Currently, on, I haven’t see any withdrawal proof from people yet but I have seen some saying they scammed they are scam. But on platform I have seen some withdrawal proof from different people but that is not new thing, because they might turn up to be scam tomorrow. 

So guys, is this legit or scam?, Is it that they just want to use the few first payment to lure people’s to invest on the platform and disappear with people’s money?. 

TAKE NOTE: Though, I am not a financial advisor, so don’t take whatever I say too serious. 

Currently, some people are making money from this platform but it might crash soon or not.

You can give it a try, but all I can tell you is that “don’t invest more than you can loose“.  You can try it out with money you feel it won’t pain you if you lost it.

But for me, I don’t trust the platform


Quick link to Register on HetzBank Platform Investment Packages

Select a packaged plan below to start your “HetzBank” journey. Click on it to enlarge the picture and view further product information.
  • Hetz-C101

    Daily Income:₦300

    Total Income:₦27000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-C102

    Daily Income:₦525

    Total Income:₦47250

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-C103

    Daily Income:₦1100

    Total Income:₦99000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-C104

    Daily Income:₦5750

    Total Income:₦517500

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-C105

    Daily Income:₦12000

    Total Income:₦1080000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-C106

    Daily Income:₦65000

    Total Income:₦5850000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-C107

    Daily Income:₦140000

    Total Income:₦12600000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-C108

    Daily Income:₦750000

    Total Income:₦67500000

    Serving Time:90 Days


Hetz Bank Faster Return (Only Paid with Balance)

These products below with higher rate of daily income are only available after you purchase Featured products above or refer valid members and gain balance.

  • Hetz-M101

    Daily Income:₦1500

    Total Income:₦135000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-M102

    Daily Income:₦4800

    Total Income:₦432000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-M103

    Daily Income:₦8500

    Total Income:₦765000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-M104

    Daily Income:₦18000

    Total Income:₦1620000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-M105

    Daily Income:₦57000

    Total Income:₦5130000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-M106

    Daily Income:₦100000

    Total Income:₦9000000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-M107

    Daily Income:₦240000

    Total Income:₦21600000

    Serving Time:90 Days

  • Hetz-M108

    Daily Income:₦1500000

    Total Income:₦135000000

    Serving Time:90 Days


That’s all the investment plan on platform. 


HetzBank Registration

To register on hetzbank platform, just follow the steps below

1. GOTO the hetzbank registration page or Click HERE

2. Enter your “phone number”

3. Enter the “CAPTCHA code” you see on your side.

4. Enter your password 

5. Click on “Register“. 

That’s all

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Hetzbank Referral Program

In case you want to do the hetzbank referral program, here below is how the referral program work. 

Level 1

1.Get 15% commission of Level 1 immediately when your friends A sign up and buy products through your referral link.

Level 2

2.Get 7% commission of Level 2 when your friends A refer others B to buy products on HetzBank , you will earn 7% of B’s Payment amount.

Level 3

3.Get 3% commission of Level 3. Again, when B refers to C to buy products on HetzBank, you will earn 3% of C’s Payment amount.


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That’s all.

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