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On Tuesday morning, a day I won’t forget where after I helped a stranger sleep at my house at night in Mkpat inin local government area of Akwa ibom state, only to discover a mysterious creature on my bed which I had never seen before.

I was exhausted after returning from work around 7pm, so I decided to eat in a restaurant, rather than cooking as I had no gas, after I completely ate, I was going back home, when I was approached by a lady, she was very beautiful, she told me she was to travel to calabar state, but it’s a bit late, and she doesn’t want to be robbed, and if I can allow her stay in my house for the night. I was scared, but still felt pity for her, she told me her name is Idara James, and also informed me that she isn’t feeling too well, so I had no option, bought her food and drinks, and we drove down to my apartment.

I helped a STRANGER sleep at my house, only to discover a MYSTERIOUS creature on my bed

When we got to my house, I gave her water to clean up, made the bed for her, while I slept in the sitting room, I didn’t completely sleep all through the night as I constantly was checking her while she slept, but around 3am, I think I slept off, only to wake up around 6:45am, ran to my room, and what I saw almost made me scream so loud, I met on my bed, a mysterious creature, it was strange, it looked like a bat, and also had the face of a horse, I couldn’t find her, it was dark and scary, I was confused.


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