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Glo New Hot Trending Free Browsing Cheat code (2020/2021)

Glo New Hot Trending Free Browsing Cheat for 2020/2021 


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If you have been following this website, you will will know that we always published the only cheat that we have tested and confirmed they are working on this site. 

Today, I am going to give out another Glo New Hot Trending Free Browsing Cheat on this site. 


What is Glo About?

Globacom Limited, commonly known as glo, is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company founded on 29 August 2003 by Mike Adenuga. As of June 2018, the company employs more than 3,500 people worldwide. Wikipedia

Glo New Hot Trending Free Browsing Cheat 

Glo New Hot Trending Free Browsing Cheat (2020/2021)

Glo has been many people’s favourite Network, because of their services. The people using Glo SIM card are multiplying day by day and as people getting to use Glo SIM card, so also their are millions of Glo user’s out there searching for a way to get “Glo free Browsing Cheat” to browse the internet freely.

But don’t worry, because on this page I shall be teaching you a new techniques I and my friends are using to browse the internet freely with our Glo SIM card. I decided to share this information here because I don’t think it’s good to keep this alone only within my domain.

Just follow the instructions below correctly.


To be able to browse freely with your Glo SIM, you will have to have these 3 requirements below

  • Two registered Glo SIM cards
  • An Android or iOS Smartphone
  • Stable 3G or 4G network

How to Enjoy Glo free Browsing

  1. Get two Glo SIM cards
  2. Ensure there is no active data on both sims.
  3. Activate Glo night plan on the first SIM
  4. Share your data on first SIM with the second SIM by dialing *127*01*NUMBER#.
  5. Don’t browse on the first SIM yet!
  6. Enable data connection on the second Glo sim and browse for about 3 minutes. But don’t exhaust the shared data.
  7. You can disable your data connection on the second Glo sim but remember to turn it on before 5AM.
  8. Here is the trick; don’t turn off your data connection on the second SIM once 5AM. Just keep browsing and downloading any stuff. The Glo Night bundle won’t be touched as you browse.

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Important Notice: 

When using this cheat, don’t ever switch or change your network mode from 2G,3G or 4G during day time. For better experience, set your network mode to a particular one. (for instance 3G or 4G)

Also to avoid disconnection, avoid downloading files larger than 1GB at a go in the day. Else, the cheat will stop for the day and you have to start afresh the next day in order to continue enjoying it.

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Where can I get Glo free browsing cheat code? 

The only site that provides Glo browsing cheat is Aschoolz.com

What should I do if the cheat don’t work for me? 

Don’t worry, if the cheat don’t work for you, it might be because they’ve notice it and block it. But there are hundreds of cheat we have on this site. 

Will cheat code on this site Causes damage to my Sim?

No, none of the cheat we uploaded on this website will ever causes any damages to your SIM card or phone, so just keep calm and browse through our website freely…. That’s why we are Unique in everything we do.

Thanks for knowing about Glo New Hot Trending Free Browsing Cheat code, please try to Share this with your friends & family on Facebook/Twitter as we do to you by using the Sharing Button below. 

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