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Destiny Etiko Biography and Net Worth – Age, breast size,

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Destiny Etiko Biography and Net Worth, Age, curve 

NOTE: This is information you are about to read here is all about Destiny Etiko

Who is Destiny Etiko?

Destiny Etiko is one of the most successful actresses in Nigeria. Her fans always want to learn more details about the life of their favourite celebrity such as destiny etiko biography life. 

Destiny Etiko Profile Summary

Full Name: Destiny Etiko
Date of Birth: 12 August 1989
Place of Birth: Udi, Enugu State, Nigeria
Nationality: Nigeria
Marital status: Single
Profession: Actress

Destiny Etiko Biography

Destiny Etiko Biography

Etiko was born in Udi, a village located precisely in Enugu state, a southeastern geographical area of Nigeria occupied predominantly by the igbo people of Nigeria. 

Who is the father Destiny Etiko? 

Destiny etiko father’s name was John Anode Etiko. 


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Unfortunately destiny etiko father passed away on 15th May 2020.

He was laid to rest on 22 May 2020. The actress also took to her Instagram to express her feelings about the loss. 

How old is Destiny Etiko? 

destiny etiko was born in 1989 full-stop she celebrates her birthday on 12 August. 

Destiny Etiko Education

Destiny etiko received her primary and secondary education in enugu full stop after that she applied to the Nnamdi azikwe University, Akwa in Anambra State. 

The young beauty dream of becoming an actress like her mother. In 2011 she registered with the actor Guild in Nigeria and became part of the Nigerian film industry also known as Nollywood.

In 2012 she successfully graduated from the University with a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts after that she immersed herself in her acting.

Destiny Etiko Career

Although the actress has an attractive appearance in an interview with Saturday beats she mentioned, 

Having a nice shape was not what made me popular whether you are or not you must have contents. You can’t be a star by being beautiful fair all voluptuous. Sexiness and beauty can only make people like you but it won’t keep you there for long. 

Destiny Etiko body

My *sexiness” didn’t give me any special privilege although it’s added advantage. Another thing that helped me is that I carry Grace. when you have the Grace to make it no one can stop you. When you look around where are some actors and actresses that are not fine but there is something about them that makes them beautiful.

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Like any rising star she played a lot of minor roles at the beginning of Akira.

In 2012 she was offered the role of Ekemma in Idemili. The the movies was released in 2014. 

The role and her not only the best promising actress nomination but other leading roles as well. 

Destiny Etiko’s Marriage

Destiny Etiko's wedding

Destiny Etiko is not married at the moment and has no engagement ring on her finger.

Although, many people assumed that destiny etiko was married. But it’s simply a misconception due to a role she played in the Nollywood movie title “My Private Part” where she shaved her hair prior to the death of her husband and that allegation that she’ll killed him.

Speaking of marriage destiny to call review that she wants to marry a man who can understand I love for acting. She added that she is not ready to ditch her career for any reason not even marriage or any man can make leave acting. 

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Destiny Etiko movies

Destiny etiko starred in over 120 movies. Below are some of the best destiny etiko films you will undoubtedly like:

  • 3 days to wed
  • Barren Kingdom
  • Clap of royalty
  • Evil seekers
  • Family yoke
  • Fear of a woman
  • Heart of love
  • Idemili
  • King’s word
  • My private part
  • My sister’s love
  • London prince
  • Parents of the orphan
  • Poor billionaire
  • Power of royalty
  • Sunset of love
  • Sound of evil
  • Tears of regret
  • The Prince & I
  • The sacred cowry
  • The storm 
  • The return of Ezendiala
  • The hiding sin
  • The queen of love
  • Woman of power

Destiny Etikois one of the most sought-after actresses in Nigeria today. She is an excellent example of a lady who has achieved her dream thanks to patients and hard work. 

Destiny Etiko Net Worth

Destiny Etiko Net Worth

How much is destiny etiko worth: as at the time of this writing, destiny etiko has won several awards, including the “Viewers’ Choice Award” and “Golden Icon Movie Academy Award”

In 2018 she landed a house for her mother and a year after she bought a Toyota Spyder for a mum. Destiny is a confident and bold woman known for being outspoken even about personal issue like sexual harassment. 

According to “Aschoolz celebrity net worth calculator”, destiny etiko is one of the richest and most influential actresses in the Nigerian movie industry with an estimated net worth of $500,000

Destiny Etiko’s Car

She took to her Instagram account to show fan her new ride on the 04 February 2021.

Destiny Etiko's Car

Destiny Etiko Instagram handle

You can connect with Destiny etiko on her Instagram account @destinyetikoofficial



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Destiny Etiko Twitter’s handle 

You can connect with Destiny etiko on her Instagram account @destinyetiko

Destiny Etiko Pictures

Destiny Etiko Pictures
Secret behind Destiny Etiko shape

Destiny Etiko Pictures

Destiny Etiko Pictures
Destiny Etiko shape

Destiny Etiko Pictures

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