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(Video & Audio) Boko Haram Leader begs his members not to run after Chadian soldiers killed many of them (audio)

Boko Haram leader, Ibrahim Shekau was heard in a viral audio tape begging his fighters not to run after many of them were killed in an attack led by Chad’s President, Iddris Deby. 

Recall that President Deby led the offensive against Boko Haram, in retaliation over an ambush in which over 90 Chadian soldiers were killed by the terrorists. He described it as the worst attack ever on the country’s military, and vowed to ensure Boko Haram is crushed around the Lake Chad region.

Boko Haram Leader begs his members not to run after Chadian soldiers killed many of them (audio)

The offensive launched by the Chadian army with the help of the Israeli Army, has been successful after they mapped out the entire Lake Chad region containing both natural and artificial islands for the operation. A recent battle at Kelkoua (bank of the Lake Chad), saw the killing of many Boko Haram terrorists while bunkers hiding key commanders where discovered and destroyed.

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Private Military contractor, @DonKlericuzio shared a graphic video of Boko Haram fighters who were killed by Chadian forces in the ongoing Operation Wrath of Bohoma.

Shekau who was quite sober in a recently obtained audio by Sahara Reporters, told his fighters that the attack launched by the Chadian army is not approved by the Qur’an. He also told the People of Chad to leave them alone. 

He was heard saying; 

“People of Chad, leave us alone, this operation is not approved by the Qur’an. It is not the will of the Prophet Muhammed but if you want to continue, God will help us too because he is bigger than you.
“To my fighters, take heart. It is I, Abubakar Shekau, your leader.” 



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