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Blackmail Toke Makinwa & Tacha? Ha! Think Again 🤨

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Toke Makinwa and Tacha just proved they’ve developed a thick skin to mischief makers who might want to tarnish their name by publishing ‘edited/false images’ of their nudes unless they pay them some attention.

It’s really so sad that blackmailers are going to this extent to extort people, especially the womenfolk. Just of recent, it was Nigeria’s foremost queen of fuji, Salawa Abeni and she gave her blackmailers a masterclass on how to kill negative energy.

According to Toke, she received an email, from someone stating that an unknown user sent her naked photos to be published on a website. She shared a screenshot of the mail she received, and the sender stated that the photos are yet to be published and they need a response from her. If not, they’ll assume she is cool with the photos going up on the internet.

Same goes for Big Brother Naija’s star, Tacha. It seems the same sender that’s responsible for the mail sent to Tacha.

Blackmail Toke Makinwa & Tacha? Ha! Think Again 🤨

But guess what! The photos aren’t even real.


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Toke wrote:

Is this really how low we’ve become? I understand that things are hard, I get that feeding off each other and scamming people will be on the rise but I’ve never and would never negotiate with con artists/scammers. I am sharing this ahead of your threats to release these edited/false images cos this is disappointing, this is not humanity, there is a pandemic killing people and there’s also certain human beings wanting to exploit people in a time when we should all spread love and kindness. Stop with your bloody emails already 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬. I am not the one, not yesterday, not today, not ever. I don’t have any money to give you.

Meanwhile, these are the real photos and she was all covered up.

Tacha wrote on Twitter:

You’re trying to have a good day, you wake up to messages from your team telling you to check your mail, you check your mail only to find this!! I have to deal with evil demeaning dms everyday!!! Every ******* day!

Talking about “we will publish them?” Publish what? Edited pictures? Publish pictures you edited? And I and my team should feel threatened? The hate I deal with, I pray for strength!!



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