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Actress, Anna Maria Sieklucka Biography Facts, Net Worth, Age, Husband

Anna Maria Sieklucka Biography, Net Worth


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AnnaMaria Sieklucka (pronounced Sie-kloo-tska [ʂiɛklut͡ska], born 31 May 1992 in Lublin), is a Polish actress and singer, best known for portraying Laura Biel in the 2020 erotic drama 365 Days. She previously appeared in a Polish television series Na dobre i na złe in 2019.

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Film and television actress who rose to fame for her portrayal of Laura in the steamy drama feature 365 Days.

Before Fame

She made her acting debut on the series Na dobre i na zle.


She has been a guest on the talk show Kuba Wojewódzki.

Family Life

She was born in Poland.

Associated With

Both she and Michele Morrone were cast in 365 Days.


Born: 31 May 1992 (age 28 years)

Hollywood Actress, Anna Maria Sieklucka Biography, Net Worth, Age, Husband


Anna Maria Sieklucka Biography

You should know more about Actress Anna Maria Sieklucka.

Anna Maria Siekluka

Who is Anna Maria Sieklucka’

Anna Maria Sieklucka is a 28-year-old, Polish actor, who was born in Lublin, Poland. She completed her education from various institutions including, the Faculty of Puppetry in Wroclaw, Poland. The Polish actor shot to fame because of her role in 365 DNI, but Anna Maria has acted in various stage plays before she made her way into the movies. Before 365 DNI, she appeared in minor roles, in films like Na Dobre I na zie and Kuba Wojewodzki.

Actress, Anna Maria Sieklucka Biography, Net Worth, Age, Husband and Michele Morrone

Is Anna Maria Sieklucka dating Michele Morrone’

Michele Morrone is the Italian actor who starred opposite Anna in 365 DNI. Seeing the pairs’ on-screen chemistry, fans have been wondering if the actors are dating in real life too. Surprisingly, during the promotions of 365 DNI, Michele Morrone openly admitted that he was dating his co-star, Anna Maria Sieklucka. However, this was soon dismissed as a mere joke made by him. The two 365 DNI co-stars are just good friends despite their convincing on-screen chemistry. 


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Actress, Anna Maria Sieklucka Biography, Net Worth, Age, Husband

Michele Morrone was previously married to Rouba Saadeh, a 30-year-old fashion designer and has two sons with her. But, lately, the actor has admitted being single. Moreover, on several occasions, Anna Maria Sieklucka has mentioned that she is in a committed relationship.

Is Anna Maria Sieklucka dating someone else’



Anna Maria Seiklucka’s Instagram, the actor has posted a picture with the caption ‘Jedno. Private. I wi’cej nie b’dzie. Peace and love,’. This translates to ‘One. Private. And there will be no more. Peace and love.’ Although Anna is not implying anything directly, but the caption raises some speculations. As Anna Maria did not tag the man next to her in the Instagram post, no details of him are available as of yet. His name, age, or the confirmed status of their relationship is unknown. Reportedly, Anna Maria has not been married previously.

Actress, Anna Maria Sieklucka Biography Facts, Net Worth, Age, Husband 1

365 DNI

365 DNI is known as 365 Days in English, the film follows the journey of a corporate executive played by Anna-Maria Sieklucka, who is stuck in a spiritless relationship and is looking for an escape. She falls victim to a dominant mafia boss played by Michele Morrone. The mafia boss imprisons her and gives her one year to fall in love with him. 365 DNI is being appreciated by fans all around social media.

Anna Maria Sieklucka Net Worth

Anna Maria Sieklucka Net Worth

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How much does Anna Maria Sieklucka worth.

The current Anna Maria Net Worth is Net Worth – $5 Million

As at the time this post was published Anna Maria Sieklucka Net Worth – $5 Million

READ ORIGINAL: Anna Maria Sieklucka Biography

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