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The administrator broke the news: After the pi main network, Amazon and other giants will be connected to the great ecosystem of pi payment in minutes!

The administrator broke the news: After the pi main network, Amazon and other giants will be connected to the great ecosystem of pi payment in minutes!


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The ecology of pie is in full swing. The world’s top developers are developing the ecology of all walks of life through hackathons. Even the ecology of adult products is also being developed!

Amazon and other giants will be connected to the great ecosystem of pi payment

The ecology sent in five months will cover all industries in the world, such as finance, insurance, wealth management, international trade settlement, petroleum, gold, ore, rare earths, kitchenware, electrical appliances, cosmetics, jewelry, chemical machinery, bedding, shoes, clothes , Silk, home furnishing, agricultural technology, real estate, automobiles, parts, paint, sewing machines, wigs, prosthetics, adult products, games, electric cars, mobile phones, mobile phone recharges, etc., only you can’t think of places where you can’t pay without sending it! Certainty is the top ecological public chain with ecology as the infrastructure. An ecological public chain without ecological support is not called an ecological public chain!


The reason why Apple Android is so prosperous is because they are a comprehensive ecological mobile phone system! However, the joining of the Hongmeng system of my country’s Huawei has formed a situation in which the three pillars stand together to carve up the world’s ecology!


The editor has carefully studied the ecological schemes in the brainstorming. Among these ecological schemes, no world-class ecology such as Amazon and Facebook has joined them for development (it is also possible that they have already developed them in the dark)! Of course, this problem was also discovered by other Pioneer. Today, some Pioneers raised this question. Let’s take a look:

Pioneer asked:

So I’ve been reading through the white paper some, specifically the areas regarding an online storefront. Correct me if I’m wrong but after reading it seems like the pi stack which can be used for decentralized applications will be available for the framework of these applications. What I’m trying to get at is with the recent news of Amazon accepting crypto as payments sometime this year is the Pi stack ready to be developed on, or is the proper framework not yet ready due to the Pi network not having enough users? Thanks


It will be available soon after mainnet.
We going to test first in testnet.
Those giants can easily integrate with us using Pi Browser.

The administrator answers:

Maritime Organization

The question from Paiyou directly refers to why Amazon has not developed PaiPay yet. Is it because Pai’s framework is not yet ready? After the administrator answers that the mainnet of the Pai framework is ready to be completed, then giants such as Amazon can easily integrate Pai payment through the Pai browser!

Amazon itself is the world’s top shopping mall ecology and it is very complete. There is no need to develop applications specifically for this public chain of Pai. As long as the main network of Pai is launched, giant companies such as Amazon only need to dock the Pai payment interface to the payment column!

Everyone is looking at the news from Paiyou:

Musk, Facebook, Amazon, etc. are all Nicholas’s brothers. Of course, it is impossible to support the faction because it is because of the brothers who worship the handle.

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As long as the faction can bring them huge benefits, then they will definitely support the faction! As long as the pie is in the interests of these giants, then these giants will be connected to the pie ecosystem within minutes after the main network!


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