The singer made the submission on Friday following the recent report of a sexual assault of a 23-year-old lady on Saturday, February 2, 2018. According to reports, the suspects in the crime are 28-year-old Razaq Oluwaseun Oke, and 25-year-old Don-Chima George, who reportedly violated her at a hotel in Lekki, Lagos.

Adekunle Gold is concerned about the incident and hopes for positive reactions in pursuit of justice for the victim who the police confirmed was recorded while being raped. It was alleged that her abusers made sure to drug her before commencing with the act.

The protection of women from rapist is a shared responsibility for all.

“This is not a women’s issue, this is everyone’s issue. Any and Everyone with a voice, I implore you to not quiet down online and offline until we see the resolution and this woman gets justice.

“Sex with without consent is rape, recording it is also vile. Both are a physical and emotional act of violence against humanity,”the singer called out to followers on his IG. A week before prior, Di’Ja also called attention to another important issue — the age of consent.

Nigeria has the lowest age of consent bracket in the world

New trends have overtaken old values making them totally obsolete but Nigeria seems to be lagging behind farther than most when the age of consent subject is the discussion.

Currently, it is rated as the nation with the lowest age of consent bracket in the world set at 11. In the Middle Eastern Kingdom of Bahrain, the age of consent is 21 — almost double the number in Nigeria.

Mavin Records singer Di’Ja proposes more protection for young girls.

“This isn’t a fight against religion, tribe, gender but a redirection of our energies and thought processes to protect the ones that birth your nation.

“If children become psychologically, physically and emotionally damaged before a certain age all you will have are adults with suppressed memories of abuse, which lead to psychological mind ware-fare,” the singer counsels from her IG.

Adekunle Gold thinks sex without consent is inhumane