86FB Login, Recovery, Password | How to Login to Your 86FB Account

86FB Login, 86fb Sign In, 86fb Password, login, How to Login to 86FB Account, 86fb Login Account, 86fb Account Login, 86fb Login Password, 86fb site login password, 86fb Account Recovery Account Login GuideIn this page, you are going to learn on how to get back your lost 86FB password and login back into your 86fb account. —  86fb Account Recovery Guide.

For the past few days now, I have received different calls from people saying they lost, forgot their 86fb Account password. Some have money on the account while some are new members who just create account on 86fb to start making money.

One thing people are facing on the 86fb platform right now is the issue of password. 86fb don’t have the forgot password options on their site. 

Although, I don’t blame 86fb for this but I blame the member that register on 86fb and did not write down his/her password  (Even though you’re not with pen that moment, I think you should do screenshot of your password, so that you won’t forget and then write it down when you get home

But don’t worry, if you have done that mistake already. In this page, I will quickly guide you on what to do to get back your 86fb Account back. 

86FB Login  – How to Login to 86FB Account


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Normally, if you want to login into your 86fb Account, this is the step you will follow

1. Goto the 86fb login page on the site

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2. Enter your 86fb username and password (the password you used to register on 86fb and the password)

But in case you’ve forgotten your 86fb password, then just follow the instructions below to retrieve your 86fb Account.

Before you go further to retrieve back your 86fb account, I advise you to create new 86fb account if you have not deposit any money into your lost 86fb Account. 

But if you’ve already deposit money into your 86fb Account and you later lost or forget your password, then I advise you to follow this simple instructions below. 

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How to Recover 86FB Account Password

To get back your 86fb password, I will advise you to chat up with the 86fb customer service by dropping a message for them.

86fb Customer Care Services Centre

Just follow the instruction here to drop a message to the 86fb Customers Service Centre to get back your 86FB login account password.


1. All you need to do right now is to send a message to the 86fb Customers care services centre. 86FB Customers Service Centre HERE

2. Enter your phone number, your 86fb username and try to also include your personal email address (Gmail address) into your complain there because they might like to reply by email instead.


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NOTE: don’t write stories for them (they don’t need your stories, because you’re not the only one they want to respond to) just state your issue and send and wait for their reply (It might take long before they will reply you) so just be patient.

3. Keep checking your email and phone message inbox daily for their reply)

That’s all! On how to get back your lost 86fb account. You can also use this method to tell report anything to them. 

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