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100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You

100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You

Sometimes in our life, we love someone but not getting the love in return and sometimes someone love us but we do not give person the love in return.


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Do you know that there are about 100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You or I should just say 100 Love Messages to Make Him fall in Love with You.

That’s what we are going to tell you in this Love Messages & Quotes article here today.

But before we go further, let me quickly tell you the meaning of love, messages & fall. 


Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection and to the simplest pleasure. 


A verbal, written, or recorded communication sent to or left for a recipient who cannot be contacted directly.


Is the act of falling by the force of gravity.

Back to the real topic on 100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You.


100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You .

100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You

Romantic I Love You Text Messages for Him or Her

Is there a better way to tell her how much you love her than to send her romantic I love you text messages? I doubt there is, and wouldn’t it be charming if she replies your text message with a more romantic I love you text messages for Him? That is why we have this collection of Romantic Love Text Messages for her and for him.

1. I was born to win and dominate. I was born to be remarkable. No matter how this echoes, this can only be accomplished with you by my side. I love you.

2. You have all of me without exception. I am loving you with all I have and with all my being. I love you.

3. Just like the stars bring out the beauty of the cloud at night. Thanks for loving me. I love you.

4. When I thought true love doesn’t exist anymore. You came and showed me the best of it. I am glad you gave me all. Love you more.

5. I was at the edge of giving up on love when I had you call. Your love change my motive

Now I can see clearly. I will love you until my last breath.

6. Whenever I receive the complement like; “You are attractive, sweet, lovely, gorgeous…” I look down my heart and I found out you are the reason. Thanks for your care. I love you.

7. The only way I can to make it up to you, to give you myself, because no amount of thanks or gift can help give you back what you have given to me. Thanks mine. I love you.

8. Why everything turning around for good, It is all because of you. I couldn’t have been here today if not for your love. I love you.

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9. I am an empty cymbal without you. And a well of treasure with you. Your love is fantastic, Your love is real. I truly love you, I’ll forever love you.

10. So long as; sixty seconds would make a minute, And 24 hours would make a day, I want to spend it all with you throughout my lifetime. I am complete with you. I love you. – Romantic I Love You Text Messages for Him or Her

I Love You Text Messages For Her

100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You

This section is for her and her alone…. Don’t just tell her how beautiful she looks, act it too! Send I love you text messages for her and she’ll forever feel so special with you. I love you text messages for her…

11. I am here loving you. Thinking of nothing but you and Feeling the fragrance of your existence in my life. My love for you is ever super – a reminder! Have a joyous day my besties. I love you.

12. Even if we are apart, Our hearts are always together. I see the bold of our hearts. Is stronger than a mighty force. I wish you the best today. I will love you forever.

13. Since the day I come in contact with you, I discerned you would be part of me for life.

14. Champions were my fear, and then you came along. I love you from the tips of your two-toned grunge cut to the soles of your vintage high-tops. You are real; you are you, and I will always be your number one fan.

15. Superheroes were my weakness, and then you came along. I love you from the tips of your two-toned grunge cut to the soles of your vintage high-tops. You are real; you are you, and I will always be your number one fan.

16. I believe in fate because I realised mine when I met you, my darling. I promise you my love, forever.

17. Words are not enough to describe my love for you, and how unique I place you. But all I can say is, being with you is my happiness. I love you for real.

18. It is said that real love is an endless love, and you have proven it to me. I give you all of me now and always. Thank you because now I know what it really means to be loved.

19. I will not stop loving you until the end of time. I love you so much.

20. I can’t wait to profess my love to you because I can’t hide it anymore. This feeling is spectacular, I must confess, you are the sources of my joy.

21. I enjoy the warm of your embrace, especially when we are home at night even though it feels good when we go on outings and exploiting.There has never been a dull moment being around you.

22. There are billions of smiles everyday but yours light up my soul and brightens my day. You are the only one for me. I love you.

23. I can’t stop thinking of you all day even when I tried to. You are always remembered.

24. I recognised my feelings for you is not a mere fantasy because your thought engulfed my mind always rather than thinking about myself.

25. I have no prayer point about you because all I ever dream of is in you.

26. The king of my life, you were, are, and will ever and always be my love. – I Love You Text Messages For Her

I Love You! HD Desktop Background

I Miss You Love Text Messages for Him & Her

I miss you
I miss you badly text messages

When you miss him, let him know, do not keep it inside because it is useless there! Sending I miss you love text messages brings her or him closer to you. And makes you feel better, so start sending I miss you love text messages for him & her to bring you both closer than ever!

27. My day without you is like a delicious meal without taste. The thought of you not here with me drives me crazy. Your absence hurt much more than hunger. And if you know how that feels, you’ll want to be here soon. I can’t wait to see you.

28. Life is worthless without you. It hurt to know that you are this far away from me. I miss every seconds of your absence, You are really precious to me. Miss you, my love.

29. Your thought occupies thought all day. I tried to help it but I failed each time. I can’t wait to have back here my love. I miss you, please understand!

30. I see you in everything I see. I feel you in anything I though. I just realised it is the eyes of my heart. I need you here with me. I’m missing you so much.

31. I feel so empty going on with the day’s activities with the thought of your absence. The whole of me is really empty seeing you are so far away. I miss you, Much love.

32. I sit here alone, thinking of you, and maybe I’ll get a hug. Hoping that it won’t end up a daydream. Patiently Longing to see your face… I miss you My love

33. If share my liberal smile, there is none around like you that deserves it. Am void of those estactic moments with you. I’m missing you like my better half.

34. My earnest aspiration is for us to eternity Pretty good not myopic rather conceive you forever Will forasmuch missed you love.

35. You are indispensable to me Its reoccurring. I can’t live without you

36. In every one step I make, I missed you a million times and would want more of You, really I missed you. And I love you so much darling. – I Miss You Love Text Messages for Him & Her 

Sweet Love Text Messages for Him & Her

100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You

Sweet Love Text messages are always the sweetest gifts you could give to your lover. Forget the cars, the jewelries and flowers… Sweet love text messages remains the best gift for him and her.

37. They ask why I act senselessly, and I tell them it’s your love driving me knot. Only my heart can tell how it doing me; Only my heart crazy I have become for you. No charm works this way. I am in love with you girl.

38. I try say it in word but I can’t fix it. I decided to use body language but again can’t fix it. Then I resolved to show it in action and even can’t fix it. Now, with what shall I express this feeling I’m feeling! Only with all of me… So baby I love you with all of me.

39. More important than the blood that flows through my body You are the life to my spirit. You are spirit that carries my soul and my entirety. Life could have be nothing without you, I love you, because you are my life.

40. Like colourful flowers is your love to my life. Like a fragrant perfume, is your love to my world. And like seasonings in foods, your love to my world. You enrich my world with all goodies. I can’t do without you anymore.

41. You are the light in my world, Honey. Like light, you brighten my environ, you came into my life with illumination. Now, I can fly, walk, or run without fear of obstacle, for your love has made it all possible. Thank you for bringing me light. I love you. – I Love you text Messages

42. A second without your thought is like days without water, seeing your face alone makes my heart beat excitement. And holding being my your side gives me a feeling that can’t be explained. I just want to be where you are till eternity. I love you more than anything.

43. I must confess, you are beautiful. You are an embodiment of beauty I must confess, you smile is the most captivating thing I’ve seen. Your voice is the most melodious tune I’ve heard. Your cuddle is the sweetest thing I’ve experienced and your love is as sweet as life. I love you.

44. Your love cannot be compared to anything. You are sweet and lovely, you are kind and honest,

You are sweet inside out. And I feel lucky to be the fortunate one with whom you share this heart. I love you always.

45. My heart desires your love all day, it’s unexplainable happening. Not even can’t help it. The more I think about you, the more I swim in your love. And I don’t mind to drown, as long as an in your heart.

46. Nothing existing or nonexisting can stop my heart from beating for you. It’s nothing close to voluntary. Not even me can stop it. The more I think about you, The more I sink in your love. And I don’t mind to drown, As long it’s your love and your love alone.

47. I will keep falling in love with you, again and again. Falling down brings injury and pains. But each fall I have into your love is sweet and gainful. My life gets better in each fall, I will keep falling for you each day. I love you so much. – Sweet Love Text Messages for Him & Her

Cute Love Messages to My Wife

100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You
Cute love messages to my wife

Every moment that passes by, I always think about my wife and I always want to send cute love messages to my wife even when I’m with her.

Love messages to my wife are the perfect romantic text messages for wives. Are you a romantic husband? Then pick from the collection of cute love messages to my wife below and start sending to your dear wife.

48. Since I fell for you, I am unable to rise again. This means I can’t fall for anyone anymore. I wish you know how happy this makes me feel. You are the one with whom I pray to spend the rest of my life, I’ll love you forever.

49. I do wonder what love is… All I can I think about is you. Love is not just a word but a person. You are love. You and I are the definition of love, it is unexplainable. It began when we crossed each other path. And has its ending in infinity.

50. An hour spent with you seems like a minute. I can`t imagine living without breathing, nor living without your love. I desire you like air. Without you, my life is empty. I love you more than I can express, dear.

51. There’s so much I’m longing to express. Not just to anyone, but to you. To your hearing, I want to whisper it baby. I’ve gone deeply in love with you, your love is making me high. I’m in love… With you.

52. Your love strengthens me. I become bold ever since you came into my heart, I regain strength anytime I think about you, I feel renewed in my spirit. For your love know, as long as you remain in my heart, I can do the impossible. Forever, I love you.

53. Now, nothing counts in my life except you. You have captured my whole heart, with you and just you alone, my life is made. You are valuable to me. I can’t exchange you for the world. I love you.

54. The good moment we’ve shared so far is nothing compared to what’s ahead of us. When I imagine us, I see prospects full of Joy, Love, Peace and fulfillment. And Love with Love in Love till eternity. I can’t wait for that. Loving you is all that matters to me.

55. I can’t repay your kindness and affection for me. Your love gave me life when I’d stopped believing in love. You gave me your love without reservation, you covered me with arms of cares when I was left alone. Now I’m so attach to you and, I can’t do without you in my life. You are my love

56. It takes one treasure to measure another treasure. I gave you my heart which is my treasure box and the way you coddle it with gentle loving care shows how valuable you are. I will always treasure and value you. My love.

57. I am never tired of seeing your face, I am never tired of hearing your name, I will never get bold with your thought. I wish I can let the whole world know about How your love drives me crazy. – Cute Love Messages to my Wife

Romantic Love Messages For Girlfriend

100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You
Cute love messages to my girlfriend

Romantic love messages to my girlfriend

Do you know that sending Romantic Love messages to your girlfriend tightens the relationship knot and makes her fall in love with you even more? Pick from our collection of Romantic Love Messages For Girlfriend and make your relationship tighter.

58. If kissing you could express the depth of my love to you, I am sure we would spend our lifetime kissing.

59. With you, I have known what it really means to love. Please give me your love forever.

60. Something supernatural happens whenever you mention my name. That is the power of your love baby. I love You.

61. You are my motivator. With you by my side, I believe in beauty from pain. You are my source of strength, I am privileged to have you.

62. In this few moment of our being together, I will confess how delightful, gorgeous and amazing you are. I am confidence you feel the same in your heart.

63. Let us play the game of coin, I am the head while you are the tail. Who’s side shows own the other. We could never lose. I love you my queen.

64. No one has the capacity to make me feel as insubstantial and cheerful than yourself.

65. Nothing lightens as the illumination created by you in my heart.

66. You thought me the true meaning of love. Never leave me alone because my world is void and meaningless without you.

67. I marvel if you know how I really feel and how glad my heart is when we are together? If I should count, time and words would not be enough to describe that.

68. I know God has a perfect mate for me, and there’s no need to search for him, for we are found each other. I have loved you all my life!

69. I can’t deny my love for you, because my feelings toward you is real than imagination.

70. No one knows tomorrow nor what it holds. So trust me when I say, tomorrow and we will exploit our adventurous future together.

71. I never could have made it without your affection toward me!

72. Let’s give up our pride for love and settle our differences without a third party? and embrace each other with the pleasant feeling of what we feel. – Romantic Love Messages for Girlfriend

Sweet Love Messages For Her – Make her Fall in Love

100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You
Love messages to make her fall in love

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Do you want more affections from her? You want her to fall in love with you even more? Then start sending these sweet love messages today to win her heart beyond your imaginations. Women love been remembered and pampered, that is why they always fall in love with sweet love messages. What are you waiting for? Make her falling in love with the Sweet love messages for her.

73. Can you still recall how and when I said I love you? How I promised to let the whole world know that you are my number one fan? How I promised to prove to you always by my deeds. You made me discovered that all of these can’t quantify your love for me. You really made me not to stop thinking of you. You are my desire. I love you.

74. I was incomplete until you came. My heart was normal until it started beating for you.
If only you can feel my mind, You’ll tell how amazing it is having you in there. Thanks for becoming mine. I love you.

75. Perpetual love, endless care, With you my love, that’s what I’ll share. My heart in yours, and yours in mine, Nothing else matters, to make love undying. Loving you forever my love.

76. I choose a pathless journey, Going to the land of ecstasy. I’m giving my all to this life journey, With all things in place, Because I found my love, The one I miss.

77. I couldn’t imagine being without you for a day, Until it’s surface perpetual, I just x-ray my heart, And it’s thrashing terribly.… All because I’m missing you.

78. I’ve embarked on a beautiful journey, to a land unending and full of bliss. By the happiness your love brought, I hope to live with you till I breathe my last. I love you and me.

79. When I keep relishing the blissful moments your presence in my life has shaped so far… And just when I thought it would end, you show me another new level of love. All I’ve ever wanted is in you. You are the totality of my desire.
I do love you.

80. In you, I see the epitome of true love. Before my very eyes, I see an ecstatic show of care indescribable. I feel so blessed, for all that you do.

81. I was an expert in making mistakes, A beginner in doing right, A guru In breaking hearts… But never good in mending any. It’s a life I enjoyed… Until your love capture me. Now I’ve been changed by your shot of love, And it’s your love that called the shots! Thanks for saving me. I love you.

82. With you, my soul is stirred. By your love, I’m energetic to attain apex of life. With you, I have peace, plus everything I need out of life. What more should I ask for, You mean the whole world to me. I truly Love you.

83. The best I’ve been are behind my back, the best in me is lying fallow in my mind. The best am yet to become are dreams and just expectations… I see them coming through, when I look at you.

84. I need more, more of your touch, more, more, of your untold care. I need more, more of your love… To give me more, more is all I need. Even though I have enough, I still need more of you I love you, you know it right?

85. When you offered me your love, I didn’t delay for the conviction. And my judgment has been right, Since I offered you my love. Your Love is real, your kind is erratic. Glad I got all I ever wanted when I let you in. I’ll treasure our union forever, because I love you so much. – Sweet Love Text Messages to Make her fall in love

Romantic Love Text Messages For Her

100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You
Romantic love text messages for her

We know men like romantic love text messages, but women cherish them. Below are special romantic love text messages for her… and her alone!

86. My heart beats in awe, when my heart met for yours. The union is sacred, Yes, the love is real, it’s worth being celebrated. Ours is divine.

87. To them, my future with your is uncertain, To some, inwardly I am weak… And then I remember what your love brought… Unabashed potency, strength untold… Am sure they don’t know now, that you mean a lot to me. I love you because you cherish me.

88. This is true love. Here comes genuine cares. The truth be reviewed to those who are expectant… That our love is divine, To last for life time. Happiness here, melodious tunes there… I want to be where you are forever. Do you love me? I love you too!

89. You’ve made my life so beautify than I can respond to. You are that perfect match that my heart ever desire. I would never let anyone else take your place. You are my choice, you mean so much to me. I will love you forever.

90. I thought I needed more to be happy, but when I met you. I understood that all I needed is the right person. Now that I found you, you thought me what it really means to be in love. You are simply love personified… I won’t stop loving you.

91. I don’t need a network to connect to your love. I don’t need a data to access you either. I just want to enter and swim into your warm embrace because that’s is where I belong forever. Love you so much

92. Knowing you made me a laughing machine. Love you my better half.

93. I miss you in every minutes, seconds and hour of the day.

94. Whenever I look into eyes, I see my heart desires.

95. I love you for your exceptional qualities like, gigantic smile, humility, angelic beauty, humor, calmness, academically excellent, passionate, generous giver. The list is endless. – Romantic Love Text Messages for Her

Romantic Love Text Messages For Him

100 Love Messages to Make Her fall in Love with You
Romantic love text messages to him

Love is reciprocal, a one sided love never lasts… that is why we have these collections of romantic love text messages for him, so that you can send to your boyfriend, husband and fiancee. Love text messages for him will make him even love you more.

96. I wouldn’t trade your love for anyone else, because our love for each other is rare. You are my heart beat, my king.

97. Your joy is my happiness… I love you so much my handsome.

98. Over 7.5 billion people in the world and still growing. I’m joyful to have met you.

99. One of the exclusive love letters ever is: you may hold me tight for a while, beloved, but never let go of my heart.

100. It gladdens my heart that you are my soul mate and always with me. Am constantly at peace when I lay at your arm. I want you to know that I will be there for you till eternity.


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